Friday, March 30, 2012

Glossy Box March review!!!!

So today I received my Glossy Box !!! I was at work when they delivered it to my apt!! I could hardly wait to get home to open up and see what goodies I got. As soon as i got home I got my package and I raced upstairs to open the box and finally I was able to do so ....with a little help from my kitty George!

When I opened it up I saw how beautifully it had been packed with the little bow and the amazing box and the wrapping inside . I really love how these guys add every little touch to this box.

so here are some photos!


Yesss it has arrived!!!!
Look at little George He is so interested in my Glossy Box 

I love the packaging !!!

Bailey Anti Shine Powder
Retails for 30$ for 3.5g
this was a full sized product.

                                                      Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray
                                                      Retails for 7$ for 50ml
                                                             I got a 50ml size

This is the Pandora's Box in ST.Tropez
Full Size retails for 18$ 4g

This is the Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray
was very shocked to see that this little bottle retails for
19.95$ for 43g*Updated* this is not the price for this size but for  a larger bottle
Aveeno Active Naturals
Daily Moisturizing Lotion in 71ml
Full size Retail price is 354ml for 11.99$
                                                         This was the Bonus 6th item we got
                                                       Algemarin in Original size is  15ml
                                                          the cost is 5x5ml 3.99$
                                                                         500ml  17.99$
                                                                         750ml  23.95$

I have to say I am so very impressed with my first Glossy Box I cannot wait for the months to come!

I have also been chosen to be one of the Brand Ambassadors for Glossy Box so if you know anyone who is interested in trying them out I have a promo code that will get them 10% off their first box. but make sure they type in GLOSSY5 at Checkout


  1. The hairspray cost 19.95$ for the regular bottle, not the tiny bottle. :) It's a mistake!

  2. I kinda figured something was a bit up . That would make it one pricey bottle of spray.Thank you I will update this.

  3. OMG!! Great products and sizes!!

  4. I have to say they really have impressed me with this months box. I cannot wait for the April box to ship out. Glossy Box has had such a great reputation in the UK I am sure they will continue to impress in Canada and the US when they launch.

  5. what do you think of the anti-shine powder? I wish I had got that, but I received foundation instead! It's way too dark for my skin tone sadly. I came across your blog from the glossyox FB page- please check out my blog and follow if you enjoy :)

  6. Hi Canadian Beauty,

    I have been using the Anti Shine as a setting powder as my skin isn't oily at all. Not to sure why they sent me that in my box . It works fine I wouldn't say it's anything special in all honesty.
    Thank you for stopping by and I will be glad to check out your Blog too!!