Friday, May 31, 2013

The Wantable May 2013 Canadian Launch Box

So a few months back Wantable announced that they would be Launching in Canada in April , but then it got pushed to May . They also announced that they would be giving the first 1000 people who had signed up a free box ( all we would have to do is pay the shipping and handling and the duties.) then they announced that the second 1000 would be getting a BOGO buy one month get the second free..not bad at all. The Wantable claims that when you subscribe and take the quiz that you are able to say if you love , like , or hate a type of item, colour, or texture...from that quiz it decides what items you will get in your each box is worth between 80+-100$ depending on what you choose . So a few weeks ago I got my email that stated I was one of the lucky first 1000 people to sign up so I was getting my first box for free after shipping and duties . The box =36$ a month +9.79 for shipping and duties . 

so the other day I got my Box I was slightly nervous because I had seen some really disappointing boxes ..but I was lucky with what I got ...

 I apologize The lighting was off and this was the best shot I could get :(

                                                            Frownies Eye Gels

                                          These came with 1 reusable set valued at 0.00

                 These are supposed to improve the appearance of under eye and eyelid area
      I have yet to use these but I have seen really good reviews and one of the ladies in the beauty groups I am in LOOOOOVED them so I will give them a try soon!!

Manna Kadar Glossware in Huetopia

The retail Value is 19$

My first impressions was not good but after I put it on I really loved the Colour , I found that it tasted like some of the MAC Lipglasses  and it lasted a loooong time.

Rainbow Honey Nailpolish in Hoof Wrassle

Retails for 10$

I was super excited to get this in my box , I really wanted to try the Rainbow Honey nailpolish. 
I just wish I would have gotten the awesome pink that others got .. but I do love how glittery this polish is and I am sure it will be put to good use.

                        Face Stockholm Blush in Delightful 

                                                              Retails for 20$ 

I was sooo happy to get this blush,  I am really loving the corals this year.. I personally love the texture and the colour payoff it gives and I know this will become a regular staple in my makeup routine .

         Face Stockholm Eye Dust in Reality 

Retails for 22$

At first when  I opened my box I was like **whaaat I didn't choose neutrals**
but then I opened it up and swatched it and I fell in love .. The colour and the simmer are so very pretty and I can't wait to rock this out soon!

 Cala Retractable Lip Brush  

Retails for ???     

I have to say I was less then enthused to have received this item  , not only was I supposed to get the retractable Blush brush but this item seems like it's of very low quality. After I opened it up I realized how cheap this item was It looks like something I could get at a dollar store . The ends were very frayed . I ended up emailing support and they are sending me a new one but something tells me it will be the same poor quality :(


Here are some swatches of the products ..

so there you go that's my review of the Wantable May box...

If you are interested in signing up these guys are on the Pricey side after you factor in the Shipping and Duties for Canadian's , But if you are in the United States or in Australia then it's a great deal as the shipping is included in the 36$

I haven't made up my mind yet If I will stay subbed or not I might use this as a treat subscription now and again. They also offer a monthly Jewelry Box so feel free to check them out if you are interested..

If you do decide to try they offer a skip a month feature so that's handy ..
and if you could use my referral link that would be grand!!!

Thank's for reading and until next time !!



so for the past month subscribers have been wonder what is going on with GlossyBox . They hadn't taken out any payments or taken the Glossy Dots we had redeemed for a free box. I emailed a number of times and got the response that it was a billing error and that they were working hard on trying to get it fixed and that the boxes would be sent out late and prolly not until June. well it's now May 31st and we got some very interesting news from Lisa Kisber the spokesperson from Glossy saying that

please note that Glossybox Canada has been taken over by Glossybox USA - please direct your questions to them.

so I decided to contact GlossyBox USA Via Facebook and got some conflicting responses saying they are not taking over any part of GlossyBox Canada.

I then called the toll free number from GlossyBox USA and was told this " GlossyBox Canada is no longer in operation they are 100% closed down and all peopled owed money will be issued a refund soon"

so there you go GlossyBox is no more ..........I was a Glossy Ambassador since the beginning of the program and I am not out of more then 3 months worth of dot's plus any dot's I had earned since January ..The last time they updated the Ambassadors. I feel as if Glossy International should be picking up the tab for anyone who is left with dots as people in a sense earned and paid for these one way or another.


***UPDATE*** at least they were nice enough to disable the feature to sign up for a subscription , and apparently GlossyBox USA has bought up all of GlossyBox Canada's product stock..

I think people would be okay with the fact that they had to shut down, but it's the dishonesty and the not keeping their subscribers in the loop and saying it was a billy error when it really wasn't People were already very sensitive when it happened about two/three months ago with Canadian Beauty sub GLYMM . Glymm kept reassuring people that everything was going to be okay and that the services was happening when it really wasn't . and It wasn't until someone went to the glymm offices to see a worker packing up people knew. Glossy why would you do this to your loyal subscribers and fans we have stuck with you through some of your worst times and to what be treated like nothing... I really hope that Glossy USA or the CEO will offer some sort of compensation to the Canadian Glossy members who are out the hundreds/Thousands of points we had earned for referring people to your company.

***UPDATE***GlossyBox Canada has now Finally sent out emails to the subscribers to inform them that they are no longer a company...

A Glossy Goodbye

Dear customers and friends,

we apologize sincerely for the recent lack of communication and are very sorry that we were unable to respond with an announcement sooner.

We want to thank you for being a member of the GLOSSYBOX community. We are so happy that you have chosen to discover beauty with us, as we have immensely enjoyed introducing our favorite products to you. However, sometimes good things must come to an end. Due to various reasons, we regret to inform you that all services for GLOSSYBOX Canada will be suspended from May onwards.

Please find pertinent information about your GLOSSYBOX account below:

- We will not be shipping a May Box. Those who have been charged for the order will be reimbursed.
- We are in the process of reimbursing members with fixed-term subscriptions (for example, if you signed up for a 6-month subscription in March) on a pro-rated basis.

Thank you for your support throughout the past year and beyond. We hope you enjoyed your journey with us. We wish you joy and all the best in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns about your GLOSSYBOX account, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service desk at

Best wishes,

The GLOSSYBOX Canada Team

Friday, May 24, 2013

Starlooks Eye Shadow 5 shade Palettes In London & Tel Aviv

Back in April I decided to order myself a little treat from the Starlooks line.. I emailed and had asked for them to swatch the colors for two of the eye sets one for Blue Lyrics (now known as London) and Huckleberry ( now known as Tel Aviv ).....The swatches I got were amazing and full of rich pigment so I decided to take the plunge and make use of the 30% coupon code I had received in my March Starbox.

Just look at these They are so full of colour and apply like a dream! I am seriously hooked on these....and at 41$ each you cannot go wrong ..

                                                           London Palette 

                                  * it's a bit messy because I have already used it hehhe*

Tel Aviv Palette 

* I haven't played around with this one as much as the London one yet*


                                                               Swatches On my arm

In my personal opinion these high pigmented shadows are long lasting and are so very easy to Blend.. If you can snap these babies up..

Also Starlooks offers a monthly Starbox with 3-4 FULL SIZED items from their makeup line every month for the low , low price of  15$ plus shipping (approx 22$ for Canadian's ) .

Thursday, May 9, 2013

April Starlooks StarBox....

I just got my box today and already I am in LOOOOOVVE!!! with all of the products .

This is the one sub that I feel I really get my money's worth for what I get inside..
Starlooks every month for the low price of 15$ plus 7$ shipping for us Canadians :( get FULL SIZED ITEMS!!! YES I SAID FULL SIZE!! and they send you a FREE box during your Birthday month...

This month was a more neutral month for Starlooks and they sent out products that will help highlight your natural beauty...

               Damn every month I go crazy waiting for my box full of amazing goodies! hehehe

Look how awesome this box looks just jam packed full of makeup......

Lash Boost Mascara Base 15$
This item goes hand in hand with the Mascara we got last month in our boxes..check it out here Lengthening Mascara

This lash Base is one of the best primers I have used on my lashes ...I love how just like the mascara has little fibers in it to make your lashes look thicker and longer..
I also really love the sleek design on the tube ..

Mineralized Loose Powder in Translucent Nude 19$
I  am so very happy to have gotten this product because I am in need of a new setting powder . I have been wearing this product today and I am really loving the silky feeling of this powder.

Tendergloss in African Sunset 11$

I am really enjoying this Lipstick/gloss thingy ...I love how it gives off just the right amount of color and leave my lips very moisturized ..

(swatches of both the Powder and the Tendergloss)

Starbox Exclusive!!!! Mint Lip Balm 5$
Just like last month they included a little extra for us!! This is the mint Lip Balm that goes on after your Vanilla Lip scrub that we got last month. 
Let me say I go through Lip Balms so very fast and it's mainly because I forget to take them out of my pockets when washing my clothes and they melt out :(
I tried this product first today when I got my box and I love the minty smell/taste..

Well there ya go This is Starlooks April box.... If you too are thinking about subscribing to this wonderful service you can click here Sign up for Starbox here.....  If you are from anywhere other then The United States you will need to contact them to set up your service . and don't forget to tell them that I sent you over (Jolene Crowley) and your Birthday so they can send you your FREE Box....


March & April Beauty Box 5

I am doing a duo Beauty Box 5 Review for the months of March and April because I kinda fell behind a bit I will first start off with the March box..

March Beauty Box 5 Came with......

                            La Fresh Travel Nail Polish Remover wipes 
                             We got two wipes in our March box ..Full Size is 6 wipes for 4.99

These really came in handy when I woke up to see that my mani I did the night before was all messed up and I was getting ready for work...One of these removed all 10 nails with dark glitter polish really well ..and an extra bonus is the smell wasn't bad at alll... I may re-buy the next time I catch them on sale on Hautelook...

                 Tree Hut Shea Body Butter In Tropical Mango
                                We got 57g in our box Full Sized Retails for 6.50 for 255g

          For those of you who subbed back in Feb we got the body scrub to match.. I was really  
               happy to again get this sent as I really love Mango's and anything tropical.

                        H20 Spa Sea Salt Body Wash Gel
                We Received 30ml in our box. Full Size Retails for 21.50 for 370ml 

 I haven't tried this product yet because I am so many in queue already but I did enjoy the smell.

                H20 Aqua Firm  Eye Lift Concentrate 
                       We got 4ml in our box... Full Size Retails for 45$ for 15ml

I haven't tried this as of yet because I don't really need eye creams so i'm not rushing out to test this out. But it does seem that we got a very generous Sample considering what the full sized tube retails for.......

                         Brazen Cosmetics Eyeshadow 
              No size was listed but online they have their shadows listed as 4.99-7.99

While I think it's a pretty color it's not my taste and I will be passing it onto someone who may like it ...

So that concludes the March Box now onto the April....................

April's Box
I think was a huge step up from the March box...We got some really nice item's that were worth well more then the box it's self .....

This is the April Beauty Box 5 .....I feel that this month's box was a whole lot better then March because it included many items I have already used......

      Jean Pierre Cosmetics Oil-Absorbing Facial Tissues.

          In this box we got a full sized package that has 50 sheets .. These Retail for 2$
 I was really happy to get these I really love the packaging I found it to be super smart and functional for me because I just throw everything into my bag. I also found that these sheets really did soak up the oil on my face...I used these at work and let me tell you I get super oily when I am there.. I plan on re-purchasing these when I run out.....

                     Model Co Illusion Lip Enhancer Kit
                 We got a full sized Pencil in our box and this item retails for 20$

While I really do enjoy this product I am confused as to why it is called a kit.....? It's just a typical 
Lip liner with a sharpener on the end ....Anyways I did like this pencil and I did find it helped with making my lips popped when I wore lipstick...

                   LA Fresh Instant Body Smoother Wipes

                       We got AGAIN only 2 wipes :(  full size of 24 retails for 10$

    While I did enjoy the nail wipes we got last month I did not enjoy these as much :( . 
 i felt as if these made my skin even more dry and the smell was too over powering for me.

                            The Brush Hanger in Small
                           We got one Full Sized Brush Hanger that retails for 4.69

This item I saw in advance with the spoiler that they posted online... I was super excited to finally be able to try this as I have soooooooo Many brushes and I wanted to test it out to see if it does help dry them faster.....Well the day I got this I washed my brushes so I could try this out and Guess what??? It works great!!!! My brush was 100% dry within an hour ...

                          Brazen Cosmetics Eyeshadow 
Again just like last month we got a sample pot of eyeshadow from Brazen Cosmetics Value ???

I have to say I didn't like last months color and I don't like this months ..I am really disappointed with the fact BB5 as of late is lacking in that luster we crave..I feel that this color is dull and not me at all. This too will be going to someone who may enjoy it...

So these were my product reviews for Beauty Box 5 for both March and April 2013 I feel that for the most part I get my moneys worth with these boxes as I only paid 8$ with my yearly sub ..But I do feel they could step it up a bit with a bit more pizzazz ,spark,Color ......

If you are thinking about signing up with Beauty Box 5 click here Beauty Box 5 sign up ..

and please be sure to check out my new website Crystal Pistol Beauty ..

Take care all.....


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My New Website is up and running!

Hello followers!

I am posting to inform you that my website is now up and running!! please visit
I have added a subscription service section and a Blogger friends section. If you are interested in being listed on either page please send me an email at and I will review and add!