Wednesday, October 31, 2012

GlossyBox October 2012 Breast Cancer month

So about two weeks ago Glossy Box announced that they were raising the price of they're monthly subscription from 15$ to 21$ like the US . A lot of people were very upset with the fact that some of the boxes have been sub par  and not up to what they expected the boxes would be. I myself was a bit concerned that they decided to raise the price without really giving us any bump in the service IE : more products,better quality, more Glossy dots with the surveys , or better shipping. They told the current members that the Oct box would remain at the price of 15$ for this month but next month would go up to the 21$ .This month there was an added bonus to celebrate the Birthday for Glossy Box (global Birthday for all glossy boxes not just Canada) They added Golden Tickets to 50 Random boxes that would include a 50$ goodie from Caroline Neron they turned out to be Earrings ....they aren't my style but are nice .

so here is  what I got in my box this month ..I must say it was a great box this month it was full of full sized products.

     Sebastian Pro Shampoo and Conditioner the full size Shampoo retails for 15.79 for 250 ml the Conditioner  retails for 16.59 for 250 ml these sizes were 50 ml.
I am not sure how these will be because I currently use product I know is good for my hair extensions but I will put away in my mini travel sizes stock pile....( I have a lot of minis )
                               The Venus and Olay razor  retails for 16.99 this is a full sized item!!!!!
                  I haven't tried this Venus razor yet but my legs are excited to test this baby out!!
ModelCO Flipstick Lip duo in Dusk Lipstick and Striptease Lip gloss.
This is a full sized item that retails for 38.75 it also said that this is a special for Glossy Members only!!!
at first Glance the Lipstick is super Dark but once it;s applied onto the skin it looks very nice and compliments the fair skin.The Gloss is a very light sheer pink and both of these items smell like Strawberries .  

Zoya Nail Polish in Emme
this is ANOTHER full sized item !! 
it retails for 8.00$ from the Zoya website 
I love how it's a sheer pearl pink colour and totally represents Breast Cancer .

Jouviance Rejuvenating Anti-Aging cream for combination to oily skin treatment.
this is a 5 ml sample size .
the full size retails for approx 93.50$
the texture is very nice its not oily at all and that is very nice because sometimes these creams can have alot in and cause me to break out.

All in all I will be sticking around for a few more months with Glossy because I think we can see  many more wonderful things to come from them .
Type in GLOSSY5 to save 10% off of your box when you subscribe to

I also want to give a big shout out to Glossy Box for putting out a Breast Cancer Box to  support the awareness .
Please help by donating to this wonderful foundation

Happy Halloween....I'm back!!

so for the last few months things at work have been insane and things outside of work have been even busier I saw a few good concerts like Motley Crue and KISS in Auburn with some good friends.I just recently saw my personal favorite Billy Idol down in Seattle and wow oh wow !!!!

anyways so back to the true nature of what I write about in here........

This past weekend I airbrushed a friend of mine for her Halloween party she went to ...she went as a gremlin so it was a rather easy task of just airbrushing her green with some goolish contours .She looked great and got lots of compliments ..she also had a killer costume to go with it of course so it brought everything together. 

I was supposed to go out tonight to the Rocky horror Picture Show with some friends but I woke up with a touch of the flu and don't want to chance missing out on work this coming weekend.It's to bad because I planned out my face chart yesterday and was really excited to create this look on myself :(
Oh Well there is always next year  and I can still create it up just can't leave the apt looking like this or else people will look at me funny :s