Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beauty Box 5 January 2013

So this  month I received my first Beauty Box 5 Box in the mail !! This box cost 12$ monthly if you do month to month or if you Pre-Buy a full year you can get it for around 8$. I really liked this box for  many reasons....1. It fits right in my tiny apt size mail box so I don't have to deal with getting it either from my concierge or trek all of the way to Canada Post. 2. it's packed full of stuff that I will use personally and I don't think I will gift out to people. 3. I love the Tiffany Blue colour of the box!!!!!

so anyways back on track here ...this month they decided to bring back a surprise 2012 favorite so it was very mixed as to what that item was going to be...  I was very pleased that I got the Brush in my box!!!!

Model CO Lip Liner in Pomegranate Full Sized and Retails for $18.00 I really really liked this Lip Liner I found it went on so very smoothly and it looked very nice on my lips.

                           Pencil Me In Eye Accent Pencil Full Sized and Retails for $6.99
                                    Mine was in the Colour of Pink Lady Sparks...             
                                                 It's a very neutral Colour that
                                      Works really well as a eye brightener on the water line..

                                                Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush $$???
                                            This is the one thing I really was hoping for in this box!
                                      I am not sure of the cost but it does appear to be a Travel size but
                                       I think that is perfect since I am going to Hawaii next week!!
                                  The brush is a synthetic Brush but it feels so very nicely put together.
                                  it's also a very dense brush so you could use it for just about anything .


                              Perfumes Solid Perfume Sticks This is a Full Size That Retails for $7.00 
                              The one they sent me is called Star Dust.... It's hard to describe for the smell but
                              it kind of reminds of me of my childhood it smells very fruity and sweet.



                         Ferro Cosmetics Desert Rose Blush Sample Size Full Size Retails for $17.00
                        I feel very in different about this colour . I like it but I feel it will be best used as a  
                       Bronzer . I found the Colour to be very Coppery with a very mild pink added to it.

So this was my very first Beauty Box 5 Box ... I think I did really well ... If you are interested in signing up for Beauty Box 5 you can sign up here Beauty Box 5 Monthly Subscription Box.

Also if you are interested in  purchasing some of the Pencil Me In products I was given a promo code in the box too save Buy 2 , Get 1 free ...Buy 4,Get 2 free. Pencil Me In Cosmetics

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mariah Carey OPI Liquid sands review

Today I received my order from Nail Polish Canada . I ordered The Mariah Carey OPI Liquid Sands Mini collection. I was so very excited to get this set out and to play with it !!! I found the overall texture to be very neat and weird ...*if that makes any sense * but I love the overall look . I tried two colours today one "Get Your Number " Its kind of a darkish sky blue with lots and lots of glitter!!!! and the other one i tried was "The Impossible " it was a fushia with glitter chunks in it (my personal fav so far!!!) The other colours that were included were "Stay The Night " it's a very dark blackish plumb with purplish red glitters in it, It almost reminds of of how Lava when dried would look up close.
The Last is "Can't Let Go" It's a very nice purple with glitter all over it !!!!!

the quality I am concerned with as because you are not supposed to wear a top coat so I found that in only a few hours of applying it , It chipped and chipped bad :( . But I am optimistic with the fact it was also due to the fact I was making homemade Borscht for dinner.......mmmmmmmmm

Get your Number,Can't Let Go,The Impossible ,Stay The Night

This is a photo of The Impossible (sorry about the nail job )

This is Get Your Number ( it was a fast job and I am in between my gels at the moment)

I personally think these photos do not do this nail set any justice these colours up close are just amazing !!!

GlossyBox Ambassador Christmas Package

I believe most of you know that I am a Brand Ambassador for GlossyBox . The program involves me to put the word out there and help get the word out on social media about the company. From time to time they send us Thank You packages for all of the hard work we do for them and they generally include items that have or will be in upcoming boxes. I for one love getting new and exciting things to try out but I also love the fact the by them sending me stuff I can pass it onto You my loyal Subscribers !!

look at all of the goodies!!!!

Sebastian RE-Shaper hairspray 
This is a full sized product and I am so happy because I Love this hair spray

VitaBath Moisturizing Bath and Shower Gelee
again full sized 
I personally love Vitabath but I have decided since I already have a bottle I will be giving this away.

A  Zoya and Nicole by OPI Nail Polishes 
both full sized and amazing colours!!!

The Nicole polish came in this cute little makeup bag

Elin Blanco Hair Mask 
 I'm not sure if this a full size or a deluxe sample but it's is a good size.
I'm not really familiar with this brand but I will give it a shot.

Some New Glossy Cards to give away to people who are interested in joining up!!

They also gave me a bunch of the Dec 2012/13 Glossy Magazine that My Blog was featured as Blogger of the month.

So that is it and I must say it was very nice of Glossy to send me these things !!
If anyone would like a copy of the Glossy Mag let me know and I will be happy to mail one off to you for free.

Also if you are new and looking to try out Glossy Box use promo code GLOSSY5 to save 10% off of your first box. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Glossy Box December 2012 Review

This months box I have to say I am very disappointed for a number of reasons. I was very upset with the fact I didn't get my box until well into the new year... my box was lost at one point or just wasn't scanned by Canada Post.Either way I was not happy with the customer service I got from Glossy when I address the fact that my box was "Lost". The second reason why I am very disappointed with this box is because They sent us Avon and Revlon products ....Neither of these items are new and exciting if anything are are dull and boring not to mention they are very old products. Some people got Avon lip glosses and liquid eye shadows that are long expired and discontinued from back in 2005 . The Revlon nail polishes are very old stock some expired and some seem used with Rite Aid clearance stickers on them.. I have to say that this is rather concerning that we are being sent OLD expired products as this could cause some very serious health concerns.

anyways here is my review of the December box.........

This month this box was partnered up with LOULOU Magazine ..So this month's box is silver and sleek.

It again came with the new Glossy Mag and this month in this Magazine was a pleasant surprise ...I was Featured as the Blogger of the Month !!!

I have to say it was really awesome to see my blog in this month's Glossy Mag!!!!!!

This month it seemed most of the Beauty box subs were sending out false eyelashes.

These ones kinda remind me of Snookie from Jersey shore .....

These Glossy lashes are valued at approx 12.50$

I personally won't wear these as they are a bit much but I will add to my growing  collection.

                                                Avon Glazewear Intense in sundance
                                $$$????? no price listed I am also not able to say if this product is  expired or not due to the numbers being rubbed off .None the less I will NOT be using this or passing it onto anyone into the trash it will go.

                                            Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer
                                            Full Size retails for 22.99 for 75ml
                                            I really like this product I found it didn't leave my skin oily .

                                           Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer
                                           Full Size Retails for 22.99 for 75ml
                                          mine was in fair to light . I was very happy with this product I
                                          Found that it gave a nice sheen for when I didn't feel like going all
                                          out on the makeup. I was also using this product as a primer under my    
                                           regular foundation.


                                                        Revlon Nail Polish Full Sized
                                                       full size retails for 5.99 for 15ml
                                                       I am really skeptical that this product is worth the
                                                       5.99$ price tag due to it being old and discontinued .
                                                        I value this bottle at maybe 99 cents.

           This month every Glossy Subscriber got a set of Nobia Earrings ...They are Valued at about 15$
            from what I can guess . I personally will never wear these as they are cheap metal and plastic and I              
            am VERY allergic to cheap costume jewelry .
I think GlossyBox should take a step back from sending jewelry in these boxes as it is a beauty box. Also
I personally think jewelry is kind of a personal choice .I personally only wear the real deal because it's just my choice.

                                   TRESemme FreshStart dry shampoo Travel size.
                                   Full size retails for 5.99$ for 161g
                                   I personally do not mind this dry shampoo . I have some in my hair stock at the  moment. I bought this a few months back when I have a lot of excess oil in my hair
                                   due to a adhesive issue when I had my hair extensions in. I found it did a great job of removing excess oil.

                                          TRESemme Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner foil pack
                                           Full size retails for 5.99 for 700ml
                                          I honestly do not use drugstore brand shampoo's and conditioners .
                                          Call me a snob but I prefer to spend a bit more on my hair product due to
                                          salon brands being more tailored to my hair issues. So I will be donating these to  
                                          my work to one of my clients as they can always use shampoo products.

This months box in terms of Value was great it was well worth the cost of the box.But It really disturbs me how Glossy is okay with sending us possibly used and expired products to paying subscribers.I really do hope they remedy the issue and offer us something in exchange as well as an apology for this error.

I will be sticking around for a few more months to see if things change if not then I will be forced to cancel and more onto a new sub.

I'm sure some people are satisfied with their boxes and will stay and I really do hope Glossy has learned from this big mistake.

anyways Happy New year and if you are new and looking to sign up with Glossy Box use promo code GLOSSY5 to save 10% off of your first box,gift box etc........

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ciaté Mini Mani Month Review

For Christmas I decided I wanted to buy myself something special for Me!! I decided on purchasing the Mini Mani Month set from Ciaté because it included so much for so little .this wonderful set includes 17!!!! Mini polishes from Ciaté and 4 mini caviar bottles and a funnel for only 64$ !! Holy crap that's a great deal since that's a whole lotta nail art ideas!!!

When i came to my decision to make the dive and buy the kit Sephora was so very sold out so I bought this set from The Shopping Channel ....Yeah yeah I know it's "The Shopping Channel" but ... They do from time to time sell awesome beauty products that are hard to find *hehehe*

The kit was held up until the New Year due to the Holidays but I am very Happy to now have my wonderful set.

I am so very Happy to say that I used this set for the very first time the other night and I must say Great job Ciaté !! Kudos to you for putting out an outstanding polish set .

With so many colour in this box it is sure to give any Nail Junkie their Nail Fix for the year!
this kit has colours:

Cupcake Queen - A stunning Fuchsia that his a shimmery glow to it.
Twilight - Its an amazing brown with gold flecks (totally makes you think Twilight)
Angel Wings - a pearly white sheen that makes you think of heaven .
Cutie Pie- is a very soft pink that would be great for that afternoon tea.
LadyLike Luxe - almost an antique Gold.
Big Yellow Taxi- This colour reminds me of the old school New York Taxi's .
Fade To Greige- is a purpleish Grey
Mistress-Now this is your Classic red lipstick in a Nail Polish I LOOOOOVE this colour such a classic.
Dangerous Affair- Is a very DEEP dark red ....It kind of makes you feel as if you are being naughty..
Cabaret-This kind of makes me think of Burlesque it's a very deep rich purple.
Cookies and Cream-A very muted pinkish grey I think this would be very work friendly.
Power Dressing-Almost a royal Blue ...
Halo-This is one of my favorites It's a white sheen with Purple,Blue , And Green reflects .
Headliner-A Turquoise that looks like it would be great for a day at the beach!.
Speed Dial - A coraly Orange for some reason this colour reminds me of the 90's.
Mojito-Now I am in love with this colour !! I feel as if I have little Mojito's on my fingers and makes me crave this yummy drink!
Vintage-Is almost a Blueish Grey, It kind of makes me sad.

Now this kit also included Three  New Polishes that were only in this set!!!!!!

Magic Carpet-Purple Berry Glitter Reflects !!!
Glass Slipper-Blue Glitter Reflects.
Enchanted Rose-Red Glitter Reflects.

The Kit also included Four Caviar Pearls and a mini Funnel:
Candy Shop-I don't know why but these beads remind me of those cheap 5 cent candies (Pink,Blue,Orange,Yellow)
Bumble Bee- I'm sure you can guess why it's called Bumble Bee.....(Black and Yellow)
Sundance -It's got Blue and Yellow with medium sized glitter
Prom Queen- This is the best one its got amazing prom like colours (Pink,Purple,Silver with silver glitter flecks)