Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Influenster imPressManicure Voxbox

Hello readers,

I was one of the lucky Canadian gals who were chosen to review the #imPressManicure from #Influenster ..... And Broadway Nails .

In my VoxBox I recieved two pairs of nails for free for review purposes .

The first set is called working girl 

These nails are a black and silver crackle ... As you may remember I recieved this exact pair back in November when Influenster launched the Canadian program ... I was a bit saddened to have gotten the same design AGAIN .. 

The second pair is a purple shimmer with typical salon type designs on it ...

I really end liked this pair with the exception of them being way too small for my nails ..

If any of you follow my Instagram : Crystalpistol666 then you will know that my natural nails are always very long .. Thus creating an issue when wearing these since they are the "short style". But as of right now my left ring nail broke all the way down to the bed so it wasn't a huuuuge issue .. 

If anyone is interested in joining the Influenster program I have a few invites left and I would be glad to sign you up if you want to email me your email address or by simply posting in my comments .

* I recieved these products for free from Influenster for testing and reviewing purposes * 


  1. I got selected for this box as well and got the exact same nails to test as you!

  2. Great review! I received them and unfortunately they didn’t work for me, but they are beautiful and easy to use.

  3. You have such nice natural nails. I wouldn't trim them down either. Mine were a mess so no problem trying these out. I liked them. I would buy them for special occasions only. Great price for a quick manicure then going into a salon.