Wednesday, December 19, 2012

GlossyBox November Review

Last week I received my November GlossyBox in the mail early!!! I was really excited to be able to have used it over the weekend because boy did it come in use.
This month they decided to make it the Christmas themed box and that included Christmas inner wrapping and a Candy Cane . This month was great because Most of the items were full sized things I know I will get good use out of.

I also got some interesting news over the last two weeks in that My Blog has been chosen as Blogger/Vlogger of the Month with GlossyBox for my review of The Breast Cancer Awareness Month Box review. . So in the coming weeks I should be featured on one of their channels.....whatever that means.......But I did see in this box that they did include a new Glossy Mag that had another Glossy Blogger/Vlogger of the month so maybe my blog will be in there we will just have to wait and see.

Hey guys the reason why I have taken so long to post my Nov Box review is because I wanted to get a good taste in what was in the Box this past month!!

The new Glossy Magazine ...........

                                     This Month was full of Full Sized goodies!! Thank You Glossy Box!
                                                    VitaBath Retails for 15$-18$ 60g-170g
                                                      This item was a full sized product.
                                                     As soon as I opened this product I fell in love with the smell.
                                                  I'm not usually a fan of bath gel but this stuff just makes you melt.

Nexxus Hydration Kit with Shampoo and Conditioner
Not full Sized but very generous sizes.
Shampoo Retails for 9.99$ for 400ml Conditioner retails for 14.99$ for 400ml.
I have not tried this yet because I have regular Shampoo and Conditioner that I use due to having hair extensions but I plan on using when I go to Hawaii in February.Either way Nexxus is a high end hair care product and was Very Happy to see this in my GlossyBox this month.

Kryolan Blush In Glossy Pink 
Full Sized !! retails at 16.73$ for 2.59g
This Blush was made Only for GlossyBox and I must say I love love love the colour !!
This Card Came in our Boxes as a special gift.It's worth 50% off of all online purchases the Total Value of this card is 20.00$( I will be hosting a giveaway in the new year and this will be one of the items)
                                               Curel Hand & Cuticle Therapy Cream
                                                 Full sized retails for 3.99$ for 100ml
          I was so happy that this was in my box because my hands and cuticles have been very dry this season. 
I love the fact that this cream is non greasy but leaves your hands feeling very hydrated.   
Maybelline MNY My Gloss
Full Sized ! Retails for 7.49$ 9ml
I have tried this out and I'm not a huge fan with Maybelline to begin with  and I found that this gloss was kinda cheap compared to what I am used to.
Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor Holiday shades.
This too was ANOTHER Full Sized item!!!!
it retails for 10.99$ for 15ml.
I wasn't too impressed with this colour as it's very very dark  for me.But  I am sure I can use this too in one of my upcoming giveaways !

All in all this box has over exceeded my expectations of what the New price increase was to include!!I am happy to be a Member of the GlossyBox Ambassador program. I am so very excited to see whats going to be in my Dec Box!!!!!

Also with the new price increase they decided to increase the amount you now get off of your subscription ,You now get over 2$ off of your first box !!! so be sure to type in GLOSSY5 to save 10% off of your first box!You can also use it off of gift boxes for other people .

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

GlossyBox October 2012 Breast Cancer month

So about two weeks ago Glossy Box announced that they were raising the price of they're monthly subscription from 15$ to 21$ like the US . A lot of people were very upset with the fact that some of the boxes have been sub par  and not up to what they expected the boxes would be. I myself was a bit concerned that they decided to raise the price without really giving us any bump in the service IE : more products,better quality, more Glossy dots with the surveys , or better shipping. They told the current members that the Oct box would remain at the price of 15$ for this month but next month would go up to the 21$ .This month there was an added bonus to celebrate the Birthday for Glossy Box (global Birthday for all glossy boxes not just Canada) They added Golden Tickets to 50 Random boxes that would include a 50$ goodie from Caroline Neron they turned out to be Earrings ....they aren't my style but are nice .

so here is  what I got in my box this month ..I must say it was a great box this month it was full of full sized products.

     Sebastian Pro Shampoo and Conditioner the full size Shampoo retails for 15.79 for 250 ml the Conditioner  retails for 16.59 for 250 ml these sizes were 50 ml.
I am not sure how these will be because I currently use product I know is good for my hair extensions but I will put away in my mini travel sizes stock pile....( I have a lot of minis )
                               The Venus and Olay razor  retails for 16.99 this is a full sized item!!!!!
                  I haven't tried this Venus razor yet but my legs are excited to test this baby out!!
ModelCO Flipstick Lip duo in Dusk Lipstick and Striptease Lip gloss.
This is a full sized item that retails for 38.75 it also said that this is a special for Glossy Members only!!!
at first Glance the Lipstick is super Dark but once it;s applied onto the skin it looks very nice and compliments the fair skin.The Gloss is a very light sheer pink and both of these items smell like Strawberries .  

Zoya Nail Polish in Emme
this is ANOTHER full sized item !! 
it retails for 8.00$ from the Zoya website 
I love how it's a sheer pearl pink colour and totally represents Breast Cancer .

Jouviance Rejuvenating Anti-Aging cream for combination to oily skin treatment.
this is a 5 ml sample size .
the full size retails for approx 93.50$
the texture is very nice its not oily at all and that is very nice because sometimes these creams can have alot in and cause me to break out.

All in all I will be sticking around for a few more months with Glossy because I think we can see  many more wonderful things to come from them .
Type in GLOSSY5 to save 10% off of your box when you subscribe to

I also want to give a big shout out to Glossy Box for putting out a Breast Cancer Box to  support the awareness .
Please help by donating to this wonderful foundation

Happy Halloween....I'm back!!

so for the last few months things at work have been insane and things outside of work have been even busier I saw a few good concerts like Motley Crue and KISS in Auburn with some good friends.I just recently saw my personal favorite Billy Idol down in Seattle and wow oh wow !!!!

anyways so back to the true nature of what I write about in here........

This past weekend I airbrushed a friend of mine for her Halloween party she went to ...she went as a gremlin so it was a rather easy task of just airbrushing her green with some goolish contours .She looked great and got lots of compliments ..she also had a killer costume to go with it of course so it brought everything together. 

I was supposed to go out tonight to the Rocky horror Picture Show with some friends but I woke up with a touch of the flu and don't want to chance missing out on work this coming weekend.It's to bad because I planned out my face chart yesterday and was really excited to create this look on myself :(
Oh Well there is always next year  and I can still create it up just can't leave the apt looking like this or else people will look at me funny :s

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Red Carpet Manicure Review

Last week I came across the Red Carpet Manicure Gel nails Pro kit *OMG that was a mouthful * at London Drugs In Vancouver and thought hmmmm I have always wanted to try this kit . I bought the Pro kit at the price of 99$ plus some change plus i bought a few extra colours because I'm not a huge fan of red nails ( I am more into the reds and purple's ) . I brought the kit upstairs and read all of the instructions and started to apply the product. I must say it took a bit longer then I expected but I guess that's because I am new to this system and didn't want to mess up and have ugly nails. I have to say the end result was better then I expected  and was really easy to use  the key is to use thin coats and to seal the edge of your nail  it can be a bit tricky to do so if you have short nails like mine . I have since changed the colours up and it now takes me half the time to get the end result . In my Personal opinion I would have to say this kit is very worth the price tag.

The pro kit comes with
  • Professional LED Light - LED Gel-Curing Light (AC Power Cord Adapter Included).
  • Structure - BASE COAT GEL
  • Brilliance - SEAL & SHINE TOP COAT GEL
  • Red Carpet Reddy - LED Gel Polish
  • RCM Instructions Card

2012 Vancouver IMATS Haul and review

so this year I went with a good friend to the Vancouver IMATS on July 22nd at the Vancouver convention center.We both decided that we wanted to be the first group into the conference because Make Up For Ever was yet again offering a HUGE discount to all! it was 5 HD Foundations for 130$ 3 HD primers for 65$ plus anywhere from 40%-50% off of the rest of the stuff. This year I decided I wanted to take full advantage of that discount so I bought 5 HD foundations in level 118 (my Colour) and 3 Green HD Primers plus I bought two Aqua Creams for 8$ each ( I am so wishing that I would have bought more of these :(  oh well thats what next year is for!!!!) . But those weren't the only companies offering fantastic deals....Nigels Beauty Emporium was offering huge discounts too!! they have wicked deal on eyelashes,OCC Lip Tars at only 8$ each and Beauty Blender kits for very cheap.

I ended up replenishing my brush stock as I do every year because you Just can't beat the prices so our first stop after MUF was Royal and Langnickel ..I bought a killer Brush kit for my awesome cousin for an early Christmas Gift hehehe ( she already knew I was buying her a set)

after that we checked out the Crown brush booth and bought a few brushes these as well as some really neato purple eyelashes that I am sure I will get full use out of soon.

I also bought some make up storage cases cause I have so much Makeup It just lays everywhere so I figured to make my Boyfriend Happy I will start to put away hehehehe.

we checked out every booth but when it really came down to it we both decided not to buy anything we really  didn't need at that time.

one booth I am really wishing that I would have bought from was Beauty D The Guy showed both me and my friend some very interesting innovative products that I am kind of kicking my butt for not buying and trying out :( he first showed us this really neat Mascara that pushes out the top and that way it's a perfect lash every time with no clumping . Then next he showed us this Foaming Exfoliator that really does pull off the dead skin . I am thinking I will contact the company as they were just too interesting to pass up.

here are some of the Photos of my Haul I hope you enjoyed my review on the IMATS.

Type in GLOSSY5 to save 10% off of your first Box with Glossy Box

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gel Nails, Glossy Box June and IMATS Haul next week.

stay tuned next week for a whole load of new blog entries that will cover.
 -GlossyBox June Box
 -Rio Gel Nails at home kit
(using your own nail polish to transform into gel nails that last for a min of two weeks)
-and I will post what I end up taking home from the 2012 Vancouver Imats !!!!
-I will also be doing a review on the Red Carpet Manicure Gel Nail Polish kit.

I am soooo excited don't forget to type GLOSSY5 at checkout to get 10% off of your first box.

The 2012 Vancouver Imats July 21st &22nd

so the 2012 Vancouver IMATS are coming up this weekend and I will yet again be going.... Last year i spent over 400$ and I got so many amazing brushes, foundation's from Makeup FOREVER along with many primers .I also enjoyed getting a 30% discount at the TEMPTU booth!!! If you are looking for huge PRO discounts on products that WILL last and give you the desired look you are going for then please do come check out the 2012 Vancouver IMATS. To  Purchase advance tickets here .

Make up Forever will again be offering a 40% off discount so this alone is worth the price of admission .

The exhibitor list is as follows:

Beauty D 109  
Ben Nye 204  
Blanche Macdonald Centre 101
Crown Brush 416 
Crystal Works 410
European Body Art 201 
Eve Pearl 508 
Eye Kandy Cosmetics 509 
Frends Beauty Supply 308 
Hakuhodo USA 309 
John Casablancas Institute 111 
King Square Int'l, Inc. 313 
Kryolan Professional Make-up 408 
Luxe 212 
Make-Up Artist magazine 108 
Naimie's Beauty Center 300 
Naked Cosmetics 208 
New Image College 413 
Nigel Beauty Emporium 100 
NYX Professional Makeup 400 
Royal & Langnickel Brush Mfg. 200 
SauceBox 511 
SKS Makeup Supply 102 
Studio F/X 304 
Vancouver Film School 203 
Vancouver Makeup FX 312 
Velour Lashes 409 
Züca, Inc. 401

Keynote Speakers this year will be :

Valenté Frazier
 Emmy Award-winning Valenté Frazier is one of the industry’s most sought-after celebrity make-up artists. He has worked with A-list clients including Iman, Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Angela Bassett and First Lady Michelle Obama. His work has appeared in Italian Vogue, Seventeen, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, O and Essence. He is Tyra Banks’ personal make-up artist for America’s Next Top Model and all of her public appearances. He holds a B.A. in Fine Arts and has worked as a make-up artist on The View, as a trainer for IMAN Cosmetics and on campaigns with the Home Shopping Network and Victoria’s Secret
Sat. July 21—4:00 p.m..

Toby Lindala 
 With more than 25 years’ experience, Toby Lindala has contributed to more than 50 feature films and 30 TV series and movies. By the age of 23, Lindala was working closely with Chris Carter to create the iconic look for The X-Files television series. His make-up effects appear in features including Final Destination 3 and 5, Scary Movie 3 and 4 and X2; TV includes Once Upon a Time, Supernatural and V. Sat. July 21—10:30 a.m. Sun. July 22—11:45 a.m.

Sarah Graham 
 Sarah Graham graduated from Complections International in 2000. After working in Alberta for three years on film, television and theater projects, she moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she has enjoyed a successful make-up career on films and TV shows including Masters of Horror; The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; Supernatural; X-Men: The Last Stand; and Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. She is now prepping for season two of Once Upon a Time. Sat. July 21—10:30 a.m.

Todd Masters 
 Award-winning make-up artist Todd Masters began working in Hollywood at age 19, on genre classics including Big Trouble in Little China, Predator and The Lost Boys. He started his own company, MastersFX, to explore different ways of producing effects. Now 25 years old, the company offers practical and digital techniques through its studios in Los Angeles and Vancouver, British Columbia. Recent projects include Underworld: Awakening, Super, Falling Skies and True Blood, plus the pilot for The Munsters and Fringe’s season five. Forthcoming work includes Elysium, Sinister, Area 51, American Mary and Vamps. Sun. July 22—4 p.m.

Scott Wheeler
 MastersFX alumni Scott Wheeler is an Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated artist who has worked on 300, Conan, Star Trek: First Contact and MADtv. He’ll join the current MastersFX team for a panel discussion featuring never-before-seen tests and images from Star Trek: First Contact and Tales From the Crypt, plus a sneak peek of what’s coming on True Blood, Fringe and Falling Skies. Sun. July 22—4 p.m.

 Kevin James Bennett
 Bennett Multiple Emmy Award-winning make-up artist Kevin James Bennett has spent more than 20 years honing the skills that have brought him accolades from his peers as well as from viewers of his work in TV, film and print. Bennett, an admitted product junkie, is considered an industry expert and reference source. He is happiest when working with, designing, buying, talking or writing about his passion: make-up! Sat. July 21—10 a.m. Sun. July 22—2:30 p.m.

Stan Edmonds 
 Stan Edmonds has been a make-up artist for more than 25 years; he has worked on films including I, Robot; The Butterfly Effect, Unforgiven, Scary Movie and Scary Movie 4. Working with such actors as Sylvester Stallone, Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston and Ashton Kutcher has given Edmonds unique insight to pass on to his students at Vancouver Film School, where he is the department head of Makeup Design for Film & Television. Sat. July 21—12:45 p.m. Sun. July 22—12:45 p.m.

Courtney Frey 
 Courtney Frey is a freelance make-up artist from Vancouver, with a busy career in film, television, bridal, fashion and print. She’s now gearing up for the second season of the CBC’s Arctic Air and is a make-up contributor for the magazines BE! and A Passion for Dance. Her recent credits include Recoil, Tactical Force and The 12 Disasters of Christmas. She has worked with actors Steve Austin, Danny Trejo and others. Sat. July 21—11:15 a.m.

Leesha of xSparkage 
 Leesha has been interested in creatively expressing herself since a young age, so when she was introduced to make-up in high school, she was instantly drawn in and intrigued by it. Now the owner and operator behind, she creates online tutorials that teach beauty lovers around the world how to apply make-up. She specializes in out-of-the-box, bright, bold looks. gets 250,000 visitors monthly and is growing every day. Sat. July 21—1 p.m.

Cynthia Martinez
 Cynthia Martinez, the Western Canadian retail educator for Cover FX, began her make-up career in television, film, effects and photography after graduating from the Blanche Macdonald Centre. She also served as a beauty advisor at Shoppers Drug Mart and managed several Beauty Boutiques. In 2007, she joined the Cover FX team and later helped introduce the brand to Sephora. She sees beauty in every complexion, and her style is clean, with an emphasis on flawless-looking skin. Sun. July 22—10:30 a.m.

Heather Nightingale 
 A MAKE UP FOR EVER veteran since 1998, Heather Nightingale brings her passion for artistry to a new level as newly appointed Canadian national pro educator. Nightingale teaches the various artistry techniques developed by the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy in Paris, in addition to creating educational content for professional make-up artists, hosting seminars and visiting film sets and schools to share her knowledge with the beauty industry. Sun. July 22—11:15 a.m.

Eve Pearl
 Eve Pearl is an Emmy Award-winning celebrity make-up artist and 18-year industry veteran. She is the author of Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup Techniques. She owns the Eve Pearl Cosmetics and Makeup Experience Studio and Boutique in New York. An innovator of the Salmon Concealer, Pearl has been an on-air contributor and make-up artist to Meredith Vieira on Today and a key make-up artist and guest on The View. Pearl’s work has been featured in Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America, InStyle, Vanity Fair and more. Sat. July 21—2:15 p.m. Sun. July 22—3:45 p.m.

Monday, June 25, 2012

My first giveaway !

Here it is my first giveaway!! I am so very excited and I hope this works out great!!!
******Congratulations to Kim F she will be receiving this Beauty Box in the Mail shortly********
Thank You All for your entries and comments I am already planning my next one. 

and for those of you are are interested in subscribing to Glossy Box I have a promo code that will get you 10% off of your first order . type in GLOSSY5 at checkout Glossy Box to get 5 or maybe even 6 deluxe beauty samples a month sent to your house for the low price of 15$ with shipping.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, June 22, 2012

Glossy Box Ambassador package!!!!

A while back when Glossy Box launched here in Canada I joined the Ambassador program where I promote Glossy Box in social Media and out in the public!! Well to say thank you they sent all of us these wonderful Glossy package with our own Glossy code(GLOSSY5) so that we can offer you all 10% off of your first Glossy Box!! along with some really awesome extras!!!!

Also I haven't forgotten about you guys interested in my contest I've been super busy at work and haven't had much time to throw together my first give away !!! but I will be very soon!!! I am so excited.

here are the items I received in my Glossy Ambassador box.

                                    These are my Glossy Box Ambassador cards to hand out!!!
Sebastian hair Re-shaper hairspray
I have already a small bottle and love it so I will be putting this to goo use.
AHAVA travel body kit!!
it came with four different kinds of creams one being a foot cream that is just amazing!! 
ImPress press on manicure
These look like they will be alot of fun !!!!
Aren't these super cute!!!!!
I already tried and feels great in the hair but leave's your hair smelling like a baby's diaper so not my favorite
Elin Blanco Hair serum 
Boxx cosmetics Bronzer
the colour is gorgeous 
Box contour brush
This is one of the items I will be including in my first give away!!!

Thank You Glossy Box for this wonderful thank you package it truly was amazing!!!!!!