Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Big Bold NYC Look from Influenster Maple Vox Box

So a couple weeks ago I was chosen to test out a few products from the Maple Vox Box from Influenster . So I was given these items complementary to test out for the purpose of reviewing :) 

First up is the NYC New York Color Big Bold Curl Mascara $4.99

This mascara is SUUUUUPER huuuuge not just in size of the bottle but also in the applicator ... I have to say its almost ridclious how large it is... I did on the other hand enjoy the "Plumping Benefits" from this mascara. It left my lashes very plump and rich and never did they look spiked . 

Second up is the NYC New York Color Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss $4.99

Now again just like the Mascara the LipGloss was also suuuuper large to the point I had a few issues due to my lips being super tiny . I found that the applicator was beyond ridclious and made a mess more then anything due to my lips being freakishly small ... I didn't find that it "Plumped" my lips at all but I did feel a tingling sensation when I had it on after a few minutes. 

 So all in all while I didn't mind the products I will end up sticking to my current products that I use ;) 

Here is my Big Bold Look that I created using the two products .

So that's all for this entry .....

Have a very Merry Christmas , Happy Holidays and I will be back in the new year :) 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas

Hello all ,

I recently was selected by Influenster to be one of the first Canadians to test out the #MapleVoxBox from #Influenster . In my box I got a free clay mask from Montagne Jeunesse Spas in pomegranate ... I really loved the smell of the mask and I love how it made my skin feel after I had it on but I felt that the mask was way too large for my tiny lil face :( .... All in all I will re-purchase this product as I do love these masks because they help me relax after a long and crazy work week ;) these masks are also super affordable at the low cost of 2.37$ from . 

Here is a silly photo of me wearing the face mask .

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Nails

Hello everyone ,

I know it has been months and I have been a very bad girl by neglecting my blog... Well I am back and I am here to introduce to you the ImPress Nails that I got for free in my Canadian Maple VoxBox.

In my box I was lucky  and got a decent design that is somewhat shattered /crackled in black and silver . I tried these one but sadly my natural nail is too long and poked through a bit :( ... I must say that they were SUPER easy to apply and to remove . They also include various sizes to ensure you have a right fit no matter what size your nail is. These lovely beauties retail for 9.99$ at Walmart and Target Canada and I may purchase in the future .

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ipsy July 2013 Bag plus August spoiler

July's Ipsy bag was my very first time with them and I was super impressed with what I got.... First of all Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that sends out deluxe and sometimes full sized items every month for 10$ a month (15$ for Canadian's ) and every month it includes a Makeup bag that you can reuse..

If you are currently interested in joining up with Ipsy then sign up here Ipsy Sign up .. I believe they currently have a wait list but they usually let up around the 1st of every month but I must say it's truly worth the wait none the less.

So I'm going to start off the pictures with the August spoiler #1 and let me warn you it's a good one !!!!!!!!!

                                    My First Ipsy Bag The Theme was Beach Glam

                        Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof Hairspray size 1.4oz 

             BH Cosmetics California Collection Eyshadow (sample)

         Pop Beauty Lip Crayon In Coral Crush 3g Full Sized

               NailTini Nail Polish In Mai Tai 15ml Full size 

           Coola Mineral Sunscreen Unsented 7ml sample size 

           Swatches from the Lip Crayon and the eye Shadows 

And the awesome Beach bag that you can put your wet bikini in

2013 Vancouver IMATS Haul

so just like any makeup crazed fan ...The IMATS are a big deal for us !!! so just like the past three years I attended this year.. For those of you who are no aware of what the IMATS are let me's called "The International Makeup Artist Trade Show " basically it's a huge two day convention that mainly caters to Makeup Professionals who work in the beauty industry . But many who are not Makeup Artist's also attend because you can get some pretty awesome deals on stuff that you would normally buy . You can also checkout so really awesome speakers from the Industry and see some live demo's and get some tips from pros...there is an entrance fee and depending on when you buy and if you are a pro it generally starts at 25$ before a certain time and then it goes up from there.

This year I decided I wasn't going to go super crazy because I was super low on funds , But I personally think I got some great finds and came in under budget * I know ME under budget on makeup* .....

so without further a due are my IMATS photos .. I didn't stay too long because I am currently recovering from a back injury so i'm not able to walk or stand for long periods of time.

                                               Vancouver Film school Booth

            My friend Julz she was on a mission for some Eyelashes :)

                                      aiona Alive skin care

     This is an awesome skin care company from Vancouver

    They were selling sample try me kit's for 15$ The Kit included 6 mini's of their products..
I was super impressed with the demo that I decided I would buy a try me kit as it contains Live Fish Collagen and plant extracts ...... You gotta support local business ;)


okay so first off I know these guy's have nothing to do with beauty but ... they were giving away these free Square devices .. Basically these lil gizmos are amazing because they allow you to set up billing through your bank account and process payments through your Iphone,Ipad or android ..super neat and awesome for anyone who is a MUA and wants to be able to accept Credit cards from clients.

Make Up For Ever Had their usual 40% off discount ...but I did notice that they did raise most of the prices since last year...

                                                    Make Up For Ever 
                             This was 30$ regular is 45$ plus tax from

                                                    Make Up For ever 
                   The Eyeshadow's were 12$ each and the Quad Palette was 11$ 

They did have a deal on that if you bought 10 eyeshadows for 110$ you got a 10 eyeshadow palette for free.... I will admit I was super tempted but I honestly didn't need that many eyeshadows ..Specially since I have been on makeup overload lately ....

                            aiona alive skin care try me system... 15$ 

***Taken from aiona's website ***

what is aiona alive?
aiona alive is revolutionary – it restores, replenishes and balances the skin. It is a
premium product for premium performance. Aiona translates to ‘eternal’ – aiona alive is ‘eternally alive’. Our products are 100% natural; with live collagen.
Collagen is an important protein, it aids in skin elasticity, firmness and resilience.
‘Live’ collagen – the basis for our face and body masks – creates a wearable, breathable moisture mask, locking in aiona alives’ active ingredients while protecting the skin from harmful environmental toxins and pollutants.
We use live collagen derived from carefully selected, rigorously inspected fresh water Silver Carp. The fish are handled with extreme caution and care so there is no harm to the fish during the extraction process. The triple helix cell structure in the collagen protein closely matches the cell structure of human collagen.
When combined with hyaluronic acid, it penetrates into deeper layers of the skin, taking with it the active ingredients of our oils and extracts while stimulating your own natural collagen production. This skin care line fights the causes of, not just the effects of aging for youthful and vibrant looking skin!

Check them out here aiona alive

Harmony Lipstick/LipBalm Duo by Belvada 5$ each regular 20$ 

I couldn't resist these they are a lipstick and lipbalm in one!!! Plus they were on special for only 5$ each ... But what makes these thing really awesome is you pop one side out and you have a lip balm/primer then you pop the other side out and you have your lipstick ..totally awesome and compact. Plus if you run out you can buy the refills off of Belvada's website for only 10$ each.

Belvada's website 

                              Belvada Mascara  12$ regular price 25$

I was sooooooooooo Happy to get this !!! I wanted it last year but the booth was super busy and I had to go to work so I passed on it....well I now own it and I must say I am loving this brush .. it's so very neat how you take the top off and push the brush out all ready to go!! I also loved how it separate and thicken my lashes. I am beyond Impressed Belvada .

            Cailyn Tri-Action Tinted Moisturizer 12$ Regular 45$

This stuff is really neato!  it starts off as a white moisturizer and then you blend the cream and the lil beads in it into your skin and it ends up matching your skin colour 100% It's so crazy it must be magic ! I tried this earlier today and I found it to be great, it didn't sweat off or look cakey at any point .  Cailyn's website

So there you have it , this is what I picked up at this years IMATS ..... please feel free to comment let me know what you got from the IMATS this year or what you plan on getting ...

Until next time,


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New update soon ....

Hello readers,

I am currently waiting on some nail wheels so I can swatch all of the new nail polishes I have bought lately. Please be patient because I have a bunch from Rainbow Honey, Enchanted ,Cirque, and Island Girl ... May / June were big months for me buying some killer polishes .


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Starlooks May 2013 Box / Mystery Items

Today I received both of my orders for my Starlooks May 2013 Box and my Mystery Items .. Starlooks was so awesome to bundle both of my orders so I saved the extra 5$ in shipping. I didn't even have to ask they just refunded me the 5$ I had spent on the mystery items !! now that's amazing customer service .

I was super HAPPY!! To open my Mystery items because everyone got different things...

I got 2 Lipsticks , 1 eyeliner & 1 lip liner. 

the first Lipstick I got was in Gitty it's a very nice rosey pink that I looooove !!

The next Lipstick I got was in Spectra it's a coppery orange colour, i'm not going to lie I am not a fan of this so it shall be going to a friend or swap.

Now here are some swatches of all the items you can get A good idea from the swatches what the colours look like on my skin.

Overall I am super impressed by the mystery items I got !! Thank you Starlooks for choosing colours I love (aside from the one lipstick) .

Now onto my May 2013 Starbox.

Just Look at how cute this box is!! 

I really loved how wild this theme is for this month , I did hope for that crazy teal colour the model is wearing but oh well....

first Item is ...............

Eyebrow Shader compact Retails for 21$ 

This compact has four colours and a brow brush to give you the best brows even if you have none or little like me ;)

I was really happy to get this product because you can never had enough brow products and the fact that it's so very compact make's it very handy to travel with.This set can also be used for creating an eye look ;)

Cream Blush In Emphasize Retails for 17$

Honestly I'm a bit disappointed  with this product , I had seen many reviews on it and I knew this would not be good for my skin tone. I have tried it and honestly it's too much for my colourings. I will be giving this away as I do not see myself being able to make this product work for me..But I must say it's a very nice texture when going onto the skin and I won't hesitate to try another colour by them in the future.

Blush Swatch

Pigment Luster In Cinnamon Toss Retails for 17$

I looooove this product it's so very pigmented (hence the name ;)  )
I will be using this for my next dramatic/smokey eye look ..

Pigment Luster Swatch

Bonus Item!

Everyone also got this really cute mini nail file in zebra print !!
also as you know they send out these little crystals in the box as a symbol of Energy & Beauty ... well I got two this month!! Does that mean I get extra Energy & Beauty this month??

so there you go this is my May 2013 Starbox along with my Mystery Items. 

Starlooks is absolutely amazing they have high quality makeup for a fraction of the cost, They also have an amazing customer service team who is just A+++

Also this month they are running a bit of a contest . If you create a look using the items from your Starbox your May Starbox and name it and send it to them they will send you a promo code for a discount off of their brushes or sets. oooor you could be featured in an upcoming Starbox !!! How neat is that.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Starlooks Birthday Box.....

So My Birthday was back in April and I guess some how my box got lost in I emailed Starlooks and they got on it right away and sent me a new one.
Last week the box came and I was shocked and excited that the colours they sent me were the ones from the Mother's day Box ... I have to say Thank You Starlooks for this awesome although a bit late Birthday Box...

Can you think of any other beauty box company who gives you a special FREE box just for having your Birthday?? I can't ..................

                               Lip Gloss In Oriental Rose 12$

                   Moisture Rich Lipstick in Smooth Move 12$

       Lip Liner In Berry Blend 12$

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Wantable May 2013 Canadian Launch Box

So a few months back Wantable announced that they would be Launching in Canada in April , but then it got pushed to May . They also announced that they would be giving the first 1000 people who had signed up a free box ( all we would have to do is pay the shipping and handling and the duties.) then they announced that the second 1000 would be getting a BOGO buy one month get the second free..not bad at all. The Wantable claims that when you subscribe and take the quiz that you are able to say if you love , like , or hate a type of item, colour, or texture...from that quiz it decides what items you will get in your each box is worth between 80+-100$ depending on what you choose . So a few weeks ago I got my email that stated I was one of the lucky first 1000 people to sign up so I was getting my first box for free after shipping and duties . The box =36$ a month +9.79 for shipping and duties . 

so the other day I got my Box I was slightly nervous because I had seen some really disappointing boxes ..but I was lucky with what I got ...

 I apologize The lighting was off and this was the best shot I could get :(

                                                            Frownies Eye Gels

                                          These came with 1 reusable set valued at 0.00

                 These are supposed to improve the appearance of under eye and eyelid area
      I have yet to use these but I have seen really good reviews and one of the ladies in the beauty groups I am in LOOOOOVED them so I will give them a try soon!!

Manna Kadar Glossware in Huetopia

The retail Value is 19$

My first impressions was not good but after I put it on I really loved the Colour , I found that it tasted like some of the MAC Lipglasses  and it lasted a loooong time.

Rainbow Honey Nailpolish in Hoof Wrassle

Retails for 10$

I was super excited to get this in my box , I really wanted to try the Rainbow Honey nailpolish. 
I just wish I would have gotten the awesome pink that others got .. but I do love how glittery this polish is and I am sure it will be put to good use.

                        Face Stockholm Blush in Delightful 

                                                              Retails for 20$ 

I was sooo happy to get this blush,  I am really loving the corals this year.. I personally love the texture and the colour payoff it gives and I know this will become a regular staple in my makeup routine .

         Face Stockholm Eye Dust in Reality 

Retails for 22$

At first when  I opened my box I was like **whaaat I didn't choose neutrals**
but then I opened it up and swatched it and I fell in love .. The colour and the simmer are so very pretty and I can't wait to rock this out soon!

 Cala Retractable Lip Brush  

Retails for ???     

I have to say I was less then enthused to have received this item  , not only was I supposed to get the retractable Blush brush but this item seems like it's of very low quality. After I opened it up I realized how cheap this item was It looks like something I could get at a dollar store . The ends were very frayed . I ended up emailing support and they are sending me a new one but something tells me it will be the same poor quality :(


Here are some swatches of the products ..

so there you go that's my review of the Wantable May box...

If you are interested in signing up these guys are on the Pricey side after you factor in the Shipping and Duties for Canadian's , But if you are in the United States or in Australia then it's a great deal as the shipping is included in the 36$

I haven't made up my mind yet If I will stay subbed or not I might use this as a treat subscription now and again. They also offer a monthly Jewelry Box so feel free to check them out if you are interested..

If you do decide to try they offer a skip a month feature so that's handy ..
and if you could use my referral link that would be grand!!!

Thank's for reading and until next time !!