Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Big Bold NYC Look from Influenster Maple Vox Box

So a couple weeks ago I was chosen to test out a few products from the Maple Vox Box from Influenster . So I was given these items complementary to test out for the purpose of reviewing :) 

First up is the NYC New York Color Big Bold Curl Mascara $4.99

This mascara is SUUUUUPER huuuuge not just in size of the bottle but also in the applicator ... I have to say its almost ridclious how large it is... I did on the other hand enjoy the "Plumping Benefits" from this mascara. It left my lashes very plump and rich and never did they look spiked . 

Second up is the NYC New York Color Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss $4.99

Now again just like the Mascara the LipGloss was also suuuuper large to the point I had a few issues due to my lips being super tiny . I found that the applicator was beyond ridclious and made a mess more then anything due to my lips being freakishly small ... I didn't find that it "Plumped" my lips at all but I did feel a tingling sensation when I had it on after a few minutes. 

 So all in all while I didn't mind the products I will end up sticking to my current products that I use ;) 

Here is my Big Bold Look that I created using the two products .

So that's all for this entry .....

Have a very Merry Christmas , Happy Holidays and I will be back in the new year :) 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas

Hello all ,

I recently was selected by Influenster to be one of the first Canadians to test out the #MapleVoxBox from #Influenster . In my box I got a free clay mask from Montagne Jeunesse Spas in pomegranate ... I really loved the smell of the mask and I love how it made my skin feel after I had it on but I felt that the mask was way too large for my tiny lil face :( .... All in all I will re-purchase this product as I do love these masks because they help me relax after a long and crazy work week ;) these masks are also super affordable at the low cost of 2.37$ from . 

Here is a silly photo of me wearing the face mask .

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Nails

Hello everyone ,

I know it has been months and I have been a very bad girl by neglecting my blog... Well I am back and I am here to introduce to you the ImPress Nails that I got for free in my Canadian Maple VoxBox.

In my box I was lucky  and got a decent design that is somewhat shattered /crackled in black and silver . I tried these one but sadly my natural nail is too long and poked through a bit :( ... I must say that they were SUPER easy to apply and to remove . They also include various sizes to ensure you have a right fit no matter what size your nail is. These lovely beauties retail for 9.99$ at Walmart and Target Canada and I may purchase in the future .