Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New update soon ....

Hello readers,

I am currently waiting on some nail wheels so I can swatch all of the new nail polishes I have bought lately. Please be patient because I have a bunch from Rainbow Honey, Enchanted ,Cirque, and Island Girl ... May / June were big months for me buying some killer polishes .


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Starlooks May 2013 Box / Mystery Items

Today I received both of my orders for my Starlooks May 2013 Box and my Mystery Items .. Starlooks was so awesome to bundle both of my orders so I saved the extra 5$ in shipping. I didn't even have to ask they just refunded me the 5$ I had spent on the mystery items !! now that's amazing customer service .

I was super HAPPY!! To open my Mystery items because everyone got different things...

I got 2 Lipsticks , 1 eyeliner & 1 lip liner. 

the first Lipstick I got was in Gitty it's a very nice rosey pink that I looooove !!

The next Lipstick I got was in Spectra it's a coppery orange colour, i'm not going to lie I am not a fan of this so it shall be going to a friend or swap.

Now here are some swatches of all the items you can get A good idea from the swatches what the colours look like on my skin.

Overall I am super impressed by the mystery items I got !! Thank you Starlooks for choosing colours I love (aside from the one lipstick) .

Now onto my May 2013 Starbox.

Just Look at how cute this box is!! 

I really loved how wild this theme is for this month , I did hope for that crazy teal colour the model is wearing but oh well....

first Item is ...............

Eyebrow Shader compact Retails for 21$ 

This compact has four colours and a brow brush to give you the best brows even if you have none or little like me ;)

I was really happy to get this product because you can never had enough brow products and the fact that it's so very compact make's it very handy to travel with.This set can also be used for creating an eye look ;)

Cream Blush In Emphasize Retails for 17$

Honestly I'm a bit disappointed  with this product , I had seen many reviews on it and I knew this would not be good for my skin tone. I have tried it and honestly it's too much for my colourings. I will be giving this away as I do not see myself being able to make this product work for me..But I must say it's a very nice texture when going onto the skin and I won't hesitate to try another colour by them in the future.

Blush Swatch

Pigment Luster In Cinnamon Toss Retails for 17$

I looooove this product it's so very pigmented (hence the name ;)  )
I will be using this for my next dramatic/smokey eye look ..

Pigment Luster Swatch

Bonus Item!

Everyone also got this really cute mini nail file in zebra print !!
also as you know they send out these little crystals in the box as a symbol of Energy & Beauty ... well I got two this month!! Does that mean I get extra Energy & Beauty this month??

so there you go this is my May 2013 Starbox along with my Mystery Items. 

Starlooks is absolutely amazing they have high quality makeup for a fraction of the cost, They also have an amazing customer service team who is just A+++

Also this month they are running a bit of a contest . If you create a look using the items from your Starbox your May Starbox and name it and send it to them they will send you a promo code for a discount off of their brushes or sets. oooor you could be featured in an upcoming Starbox !!! How neat is that.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Starlooks Birthday Box.....

So My Birthday was back in April and I guess some how my box got lost in I emailed Starlooks and they got on it right away and sent me a new one.
Last week the box came and I was shocked and excited that the colours they sent me were the ones from the Mother's day Box ... I have to say Thank You Starlooks for this awesome although a bit late Birthday Box...

Can you think of any other beauty box company who gives you a special FREE box just for having your Birthday?? I can't ..................

                               Lip Gloss In Oriental Rose 12$

                   Moisture Rich Lipstick in Smooth Move 12$

       Lip Liner In Berry Blend 12$