Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Starlooks box 2013

Today I got the wonderful surprise of getting my Starlooks March box in the mail today!
I am so beyond impressed with all of the products inside again it's high quality pro Makeup .....

Each month Starlooks puts out a look book to give you a bit of a hint at what may be in store for your box that month. i knew right away it was going to be bold eye's with a coral lip and I really loved the look.
Also last week Marci kind of gave a hint that we were going to be getting the brand new Mascara that they were going to start selling .


Look at how nicely this box is presented to us!

First in the box is the Moisture Rich Lipstick in Flutter
This is listed as this month's "Bold Item"
This Gorgeous ,full coverage ,frost lipstick the emanates a hue of orange at first glance,But on the lips it translates to a rusty ,golden ,bronze-red.

I have been wearing this lipstick for over an hour now and I must say my lips feel very moisturized and the colour holds up very nicely.
Retails for 11$

Next is the Eye Shadow in Disarray
This is listed as this months "Neutral Item"
Although this is a dark color for an eye shadow ,Navy is a classic color for spring.
This eye shadow reminds me of  Contrast from Mac . Its almost a total dupe but Contrast is a bit darker.
I really love the color payoff it gives I really love Navy's because I personally find they help make my Brown eyes POP!

Retails for 12$

Next is the Lengthening Mascara in Black
This item is another (neutral item this month)
I was so very happy when I saw that this item was included in this months Starbox .
Last week when Marci did her youtube video she showed us this product and how well it works.
This item was the first thing in the box I tried out as I was so very excited !! I threw on this Mascara without having any eye shadow or other makeup on and I loved how it made my lashes looks so very long and thick without clumping or spidering .My current Favorite Madcara's are the Benefit BadGal Lash and the Buxom Lash Mascara in black . I have to say this one may be my new forever Mascara . 

retails for 15$

we also got a sample of The Starlooks All Natural "Vanilla" Lip Scrub.
This item was a pure Bonus Item it's a small sample of their new Starbox Exclusive (for now) Lip scrub . I am so happy that they included this product because as of lately my lips have been super dry so I could use a pick me up.This item is supposed to remove dry,dead skin cells so it will make your lips look and feel nicer . (this is awesome since they included a lipstick we may need this)

so far it's a Starbox exclusive but it says Retails for 2.00$

and as always they included their crystal in the box!

This subscription service is by far the best one I am subbed to right now . I am in love with every product I have gotten so far .

My product Swatches for Both Disarray and Flutter 

February Beauty Box 5

So this month I received my February Beauty Box 5 this is my 2nd month into my year long subscription service with them and I must say I am pretty impressed so far for what we get for the price. 
This company offers a few different price points you save the most by signing up for the prepaid year long sub dropping the price from 12$ a month to approx 8.33$.I personally think that for under 9$ a month you can't beat what they are sending you plus every month it comes in this wonderful little Tiffany Blue box (so cute)

this month BB5 was a bit delayed due to the fact they had over stuff our box and had exceeded the weight limit on their free shipping for us so they had to upgrade ( at no further cost to the customer) and it took a while longer. But even with the delays BB5 was honest and extended a lovely email to all of us that they were delayed due to us getting awesome boxes this month. So not only do you get wonderful products for under 9$ a month but you also get fantastic customer service .

well without any further delay ... Here is the Beauty Box 5 1 Year Birthday Box....

                                 Look at how packed this little box is !!!

First up is Brush Guard
These little things are used for Storage,Traveling and for cleaning your brushes.They say they will keep your brushes in shape .
I have been wanting to try this product for a while now . I think that this is a very simple but great idea!
in our box we got 1 extra small  1 small 1 medium 
The medium is big enough to fit my blush/powder brush perfectly 
a 4 pack retails for 5.50$

Next is the Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub
omg!!! This smells so good I could have eaten this ....(I didn't )
The Flavor ... I mean sent I got was Tropical Mango....mmmm drools a bit.
This sent brought me back to when I was in Maui back in February of this year.
it was so fresh and real smelling. 
I really thought the size they gave us was a generous size I have since used this scrub a few times and really do love the results it gives me.
the retail value is 7.49 for 18oz the size we got was 5.5oz

H20 Plus Bath Aquatics Shampoo
While I did enjoy the smell of this product I am very picky when it comes to what I use on my hair so I am not sure if I will ever really get around to using this product or not . I feel as if I cannot give a full review on this product due to my personal preference . But I may pass it onto someone who will enjoy this .

Retails for 14.00$ for 8.5 fl we received 1.25 fl

The CoolWay Boost cream
A few months back a friend on one of the beauty groups I am in mentioned how she was excited to buy the whole coolway system. I have since learned that this system is quite the routine and I am curious how this boost cream would work on those of us who do not have the system. I did try this once and didn't find it had any result on my hair at all .

Retails for 39.95$ for 8 oz (owch! very pricey) we received 1 oz 

Itrain 50$ Gift Card
Itrain is an online fitness training website to help you with workouts.You can basically go online and they offer a number of different kinds of fitness workouts for you.
I was very happy to get this as I am trying to get myself in better shape this year.

Last up is the Beauty Box 5 Brush/mirror compact

This was an added little extra to our box.

for anyone who is interested in signing up with Beauty Box 5 I will post my referral link at the bottom !!

Friday, March 22, 2013

1 Year anniversary Giveaway

I am so happy that I have been blogging for a whole year that I have decided to throw a Giveaway ....

I have 4 different Prizes and I hope that you all will enjoy these products.

**Please feel free to enter even if you do not sub to any beauty sub service, It's more just a general question. If you do not sub to one just make sure you state that in your comment ***

Good Luck everyone !

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My First Starlooks StarBox February 2013

So for many many months my friend Plumpish Beauty has been ranting and raving about how amazing Starlooks is. So back in January I signed up and anxiously awaited for my first box in February. Well I finally got my box and I must say I was blown away at the quality of this box. First off the cost is approx 20$ cdn with shipping and includes 3-4 FULL SIZED products from their makeup line.

Starlooks Makeup is super high pigmented and reminds me of MAC makeup its so amazing......!

Starlooks has a theme every month and this month the Box was curated by Makeup Artist Lauren Clark..
This both was full of PINKS!!!!! I love pinks and purples so this box was perfect for me!!

                                            HD Fluid Blush In Barbie  15$ 

                                            Lip Gloss in Pink Oasis  11$

                                  Infinity Pot Liner In Princess Diaries 15$

                                               Lip Liner In Tipsy 9.50$

This box was well worth the subscription price as it included 50$ worth of makeup! 
check out Marci the owner of Starlooks Video Tutorial on how to use your February StarLooks
Why, Marci? StarBox Tutorial

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Glossy Box February 2013

Happy Birthday GlossyBox Canada ....You have officially made it through your first year in Canada ...*blows Party favors*

I really enjoyed this box and was very happy to finally see that they had stepped it up and included items I will use and enjoy. 

At the beginning of January they informed us all that we would be holding a contest that the Glossy's with the most Glossy Dot's will be able to win a sample size of the Givenchy Lip Gloss in our February Box. At first everyone was very upset with this because it looked as if only Bloggers and Vloggers who are Glossy Ambassadors would be getting the perk but that ended up not being the case ....Thankfully...

I was really surprised to see when I got my Box I happened to be one of the lucky winners of The Gloss!!!!!!!! I was also very happy to see that this months box was a vibrant bright pink with a big pink bow on the front and the rest of the box was black.

                                            Look How pretty the box is this month!!!!!!!!

  Givenchy Lip gloss in Coral Frenzy sample size 3.5ml Full Size retails for 30.00 for 6ml
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Gloss!!!!! I am so happy with this product in how it looks feels, and smells....I will 100% be purchasing this when it runs out!!!!!! Thank You Glossy Box.

    Essence Quattro Eyeshadow Quad Full Sized Item  it retails for 3.99 for 5g
I was really surprised with this Item when i got it ...I find the colours are highly pigmented and
Very pretty..I have seen amazing reviews for Essence products and I hope to try out some more of their line soon!!!

                        Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Treatment Oil 30ml retails for 13.50  
I was super excited when I saw the sneak peak video back in January when Lisa K told us that we would be getting this in our February Glossy Box ...I have never tried this until now and I have to say I really liked the results it gave me . I think when I run out of this and my Moroccan Oil I will be purchasing this !!! 

Anatomicals You Need A Blooming Shower Body Cleanser in Rose and Jasmine 150ml retails for 3.00. This item was Full Sized and smells just lovely ...i haven't tried this product yet so I cannot say how it is in the shower but it does smell amazing ....I love the little bit on the back of it 

"look at that ,The blooming man in your life has left the toilet seat up again .and he's blooming well dropped the dirty towels on the floor.he's also squeezed the toothpaste from the top.oh,and aren't those blooming underpants behind the door? never mind , at least you can enjoy a reviving shower with this floral cleanser. Heavens,he's only gone and blooming used it all to wash himself."

soooo cute!!!

                 Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips Full Sized Retails for 9.99 for 6 strips 
This is the only thing I will end up not using and giving away to someone else  because these make me bruise around my noise and eye area. 

Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange sample (Foil) and Eucerin Hyal-Urea Anti-Wrinkle day and night sample (foil) . We were informed that we will be getting a Full Size of the Tarocco product in an upcoming Glossy Box . I haven't tried either of these yet as I have products I need to use up first.

                     GlossyBox Cupcake Kit .....Liners and little logo stick thingys.
I have to say I thought this was super cute to include with the one year Birthday box ....
It allows all Glossy subscribers to join in on the party and a good excuse to bake some cupcake's!!
I will be making some tomorrow and I will post some photos when I am done.

I really do think that Glossy really did a fantastic job this month with this box . I have also seen that most of the subscribers got the gloss even with low points so that too makes me very happy.I think if Glossy can keep up the good work their fans will come back and they will grow even stronger.

Use Promo Code GLOSSY5 to save 10% off of your first box with GlossyBox                                                                                  

GlossyBox January 2013

This is the contents of the January 2013 Box ....I have to say this box was lacking very much in any luster it was boring to look at plus I found most of the goods I won't end up using.

                                                 Wella Professional Brilliance Mousse
                                              This Item is a Full Size and Retails for 17.99
 I did enjoy using this product I found it gave my hair the volume I am lacking but all in all it was nothing all that special.

                                              Burt's Bees Naturally nourishing body lotion
                                                  This bottle was a deluxe sample size at 1oz
 In the last few months I have gotten so many "Free" Samples from Burt's Bees so I am getting a bit bore with this product. I find it's an okay Body Lotion but I find the smell to be very off and weird. I do know I will not be repurchasing this when it runs out.

                                                              Nivea Lip Essential 
                                                  This was a Full Sized Item and retails for 6.25

I was fairly excited for this Product because I had just run out of my regular stuff and needed it badly. I found this item to be amazing for my lips ,It moisturized my lips but without feeling oily or waxy . I also loved that it had a bit of a smell but nothing too over the top. All in all I will repurchase this item when it runs out.

                                                   Elizabeth Grant Moisturizing stick
                                                 Full Sized at 3.5g retail value ???
I honestly do not know how I really feel about this "moisturizing stick" It's got a melon sent to it but I find it leaves my lips feeling oily and weird . I am also not too sure where to repurchase this stick from even if I wanted to buy it.

                                                  Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme 
  Sample size :very very small no grams listed.Full Size Retails for 39.00 at for 0.2oz
This sample was so very small it was almost not seen in the box when I opened it up. I did not like this product I found it burnt my lips so bad it chapped them....I highly doubt I will be re-purchasing this when it runs out or if I even use it again.

                                                  Beauty So Clean Cosmetic wipes
                      12 samples of this product Full Size retails for 20.00 for 2 packs of 48
I think a lot of my friends on the Face Book groups know my feelings towards this product. I find these to be very wasteful and expensive to use . I use 99% and 70% alcohol to sanitize my Makeup and my tools so there is no need for these for me. I am sure for maybe the average person they may be great but I personally do not like them.

So this was my January GlossyBox review I really do feel that GlossyBox could have made a better effort with this box because it really does just seem like they were stressed for time and low on good products and just threw together whatever they had laying around . Oh well ..............................