Friday, March 30, 2012

New Blog I've Decided to move to Blogspot because they rock!

So lately I have been thinking I should start a Beauty Blog since I like to try new and exciting Beauty products . My friends always tell me that I am the best source of info on the new and exciting products out there and then if I like what I try some of them go out and purchase and try for themselves.
But before I get into reviewing and yadda yadda I feel like I should give you a bit of background info on myself.
Hi ! My name is Jolene !!!!
I am a huge cosmetics junkie !! I love to try new and exciting things woo woo!! I also work in the Non Profit sector in Vancouver British Columbia I attended Vancouver Film School for Three Months for Makeup Artistry but felt this school was not for me . I also work as an Event Security Guard at our local sports arena so I get to see alot of concerts that roll on through. I'm thinking about going back to school in the fall to get my makeup deploma just for the sake of it and that way I can get awesome discounts. I am also just getting into the world of couponing but not in the scary way of stocking up on 300 boxes of pasta cause thats just scary. But in the way of If I can get what I need for free or cheaper then Hey Great!!!!!!

anyways thanks for reading I will be adding some new and exciting reviews of some products I have just tried and want to share with the rest of you .

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