Friday, March 30, 2012

Sunless Tanners

So I am going on Vacation in a few weeks to the Dominican Republic Punta Cana for my boyfriends best friends wedding . I have decided that I do not want a sun burn but a nice sun TAN. Last year I went to Mexico and I get really badly burnt halfway through my vacation and it kinda put a damper on my whole trip since I was in so much pain. So this year I am going to be trying out a spray tan as I am not too fond of going into tanning beds as I am too worried about the damage it causes to your skin.I am also going to be trying out a few diff sunless Tanning Products too!!!

One of the sunless tanning products I am going to start off with is
Shiseido Brilliant Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Gel
Retails for about  32.00$ at London Drugs
I am also going to be trying
Lavera Glow & Go Gradual Self Tanning Gel Spray - 200ml
Retails for about 21.99$ at London Drugs

I am hoping that these products will help me acheive the desired look that I am after before my big Vacay but something tell's me I will still end up needing to go with that spray tan before I go.
Over the next few weeks I will try both of these products out and review my findings on what one works best.

*****UPDATE******** I was not able to find the Lavera Glow & Go Gradual Self Tanning Gel Spray  so I replaced it with the Jergans Natural Glow sunless tanner.

I really like the colour of the Shiseido sunless tanner , It looks so very natural while giving you a strong colour. I also found that it didnt have a really horrible over powering sent like most.
The Jergans on the other hand was extreamly smelly, It took a while to get any kind of a colour and it was very streaky.

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