Friday, June 22, 2012

Glossy Box Ambassador package!!!!

A while back when Glossy Box launched here in Canada I joined the Ambassador program where I promote Glossy Box in social Media and out in the public!! Well to say thank you they sent all of us these wonderful Glossy package with our own Glossy code(GLOSSY5) so that we can offer you all 10% off of your first Glossy Box!! along with some really awesome extras!!!!

Also I haven't forgotten about you guys interested in my contest I've been super busy at work and haven't had much time to throw together my first give away !!! but I will be very soon!!! I am so excited.

here are the items I received in my Glossy Ambassador box.

                                    These are my Glossy Box Ambassador cards to hand out!!!
Sebastian hair Re-shaper hairspray
I have already a small bottle and love it so I will be putting this to goo use.
AHAVA travel body kit!!
it came with four different kinds of creams one being a foot cream that is just amazing!! 
ImPress press on manicure
These look like they will be alot of fun !!!!
Aren't these super cute!!!!!
I already tried and feels great in the hair but leave's your hair smelling like a baby's diaper so not my favorite
Elin Blanco Hair serum 
Boxx cosmetics Bronzer
the colour is gorgeous 
Box contour brush
This is one of the items I will be including in my first give away!!!

Thank You Glossy Box for this wonderful thank you package it truly was amazing!!!!!!