Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 Vancouver IMATS Haul and review

so this year I went with a good friend to the Vancouver IMATS on July 22nd at the Vancouver convention center.We both decided that we wanted to be the first group into the conference because Make Up For Ever was yet again offering a HUGE discount to all! it was 5 HD Foundations for 130$ 3 HD primers for 65$ plus anywhere from 40%-50% off of the rest of the stuff. This year I decided I wanted to take full advantage of that discount so I bought 5 HD foundations in level 118 (my Colour) and 3 Green HD Primers plus I bought two Aqua Creams for 8$ each ( I am so wishing that I would have bought more of these :(  oh well thats what next year is for!!!!) . But those weren't the only companies offering fantastic deals....Nigels Beauty Emporium was offering huge discounts too!! they have wicked deal on eyelashes,OCC Lip Tars at only 8$ each and Beauty Blender kits for very cheap.

I ended up replenishing my brush stock as I do every year because you Just can't beat the prices so our first stop after MUF was Royal and Langnickel ..I bought a killer Brush kit for my awesome cousin for an early Christmas Gift hehehe ( she already knew I was buying her a set)

after that we checked out the Crown brush booth and bought a few brushes these as well as some really neato purple eyelashes that I am sure I will get full use out of soon.

I also bought some make up storage cases cause I have so much Makeup It just lays everywhere so I figured to make my Boyfriend Happy I will start to put away hehehehe.

we checked out every booth but when it really came down to it we both decided not to buy anything we really  didn't need at that time.

one booth I am really wishing that I would have bought from was Beauty D The Guy showed both me and my friend some very interesting innovative products that I am kind of kicking my butt for not buying and trying out :( he first showed us this really neat Mascara that pushes out the top and that way it's a perfect lash every time with no clumping . Then next he showed us this Foaming Exfoliator that really does pull off the dead skin . I am thinking I will contact the company as they were just too interesting to pass up.

here are some of the Photos of my Haul I hope you enjoyed my review on the IMATS.

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  1. Awesome review, I for sure want to go!! I've never tried any MUFE and I shy away from even with that deal I don't know if it would tempt me. I do know that I would end up buying a whole lotta stuff I don't need. lol.

    You got a ton of great goodies, love all the pictures!

  2. Thank you Aleksandra !! MUFE i too used to shy away from using it but now that I have been introduced I am in LOVE!!!! I love they're HD foundation because it's so very sheer but gives full coverage and makes it look like your not even wearing any foundation. I also find it doesnt give my face at the end of a work day that oild slick look most of us get . I am very new to the Aqua cream's but have fallen nhead over heels because the staying power mixed in with how vivid the colours are make me in awe !!. I love the IMATS I go every year and even if you are not inot MUFE there are so many other companies to buy from and save a few pennies. Also if you are interested in getting into the MUA world then this is a great place to explore schooling options and pick up a few things for your Make Up Kit .

  3. Thanks again for all that info. I'll have to browse the MUA shelves again at Sephora..and maybe try a foundation like you suggested. :) Miss your blog posts!

  4. Hey alexsandra I am back . Yes please do take a look at sephora they do sell those. Items there !