Thursday, May 9, 2013

March & April Beauty Box 5

I am doing a duo Beauty Box 5 Review for the months of March and April because I kinda fell behind a bit I will first start off with the March box..

March Beauty Box 5 Came with......

                            La Fresh Travel Nail Polish Remover wipes 
                             We got two wipes in our March box ..Full Size is 6 wipes for 4.99

These really came in handy when I woke up to see that my mani I did the night before was all messed up and I was getting ready for work...One of these removed all 10 nails with dark glitter polish really well ..and an extra bonus is the smell wasn't bad at alll... I may re-buy the next time I catch them on sale on Hautelook...

                 Tree Hut Shea Body Butter In Tropical Mango
                                We got 57g in our box Full Sized Retails for 6.50 for 255g

          For those of you who subbed back in Feb we got the body scrub to match.. I was really  
               happy to again get this sent as I really love Mango's and anything tropical.

                        H20 Spa Sea Salt Body Wash Gel
                We Received 30ml in our box. Full Size Retails for 21.50 for 370ml 

 I haven't tried this product yet because I am so many in queue already but I did enjoy the smell.

                H20 Aqua Firm  Eye Lift Concentrate 
                       We got 4ml in our box... Full Size Retails for 45$ for 15ml

I haven't tried this as of yet because I don't really need eye creams so i'm not rushing out to test this out. But it does seem that we got a very generous Sample considering what the full sized tube retails for.......

                         Brazen Cosmetics Eyeshadow 
              No size was listed but online they have their shadows listed as 4.99-7.99

While I think it's a pretty color it's not my taste and I will be passing it onto someone who may like it ...

So that concludes the March Box now onto the April....................

April's Box
I think was a huge step up from the March box...We got some really nice item's that were worth well more then the box it's self .....

This is the April Beauty Box 5 .....I feel that this month's box was a whole lot better then March because it included many items I have already used......

      Jean Pierre Cosmetics Oil-Absorbing Facial Tissues.

          In this box we got a full sized package that has 50 sheets .. These Retail for 2$
 I was really happy to get these I really love the packaging I found it to be super smart and functional for me because I just throw everything into my bag. I also found that these sheets really did soak up the oil on my face...I used these at work and let me tell you I get super oily when I am there.. I plan on re-purchasing these when I run out.....

                     Model Co Illusion Lip Enhancer Kit
                 We got a full sized Pencil in our box and this item retails for 20$

While I really do enjoy this product I am confused as to why it is called a kit.....? It's just a typical 
Lip liner with a sharpener on the end ....Anyways I did like this pencil and I did find it helped with making my lips popped when I wore lipstick...

                   LA Fresh Instant Body Smoother Wipes

                       We got AGAIN only 2 wipes :(  full size of 24 retails for 10$

    While I did enjoy the nail wipes we got last month I did not enjoy these as much :( . 
 i felt as if these made my skin even more dry and the smell was too over powering for me.

                            The Brush Hanger in Small
                           We got one Full Sized Brush Hanger that retails for 4.69

This item I saw in advance with the spoiler that they posted online... I was super excited to finally be able to try this as I have soooooooo Many brushes and I wanted to test it out to see if it does help dry them faster.....Well the day I got this I washed my brushes so I could try this out and Guess what??? It works great!!!! My brush was 100% dry within an hour ...

                          Brazen Cosmetics Eyeshadow 
Again just like last month we got a sample pot of eyeshadow from Brazen Cosmetics Value ???

I have to say I didn't like last months color and I don't like this months ..I am really disappointed with the fact BB5 as of late is lacking in that luster we crave..I feel that this color is dull and not me at all. This too will be going to someone who may enjoy it...

So these were my product reviews for Beauty Box 5 for both March and April 2013 I feel that for the most part I get my moneys worth with these boxes as I only paid 8$ with my yearly sub ..But I do feel they could step it up a bit with a bit more pizzazz ,spark,Color ......

If you are thinking about signing up with Beauty Box 5 click here Beauty Box 5 sign up ..

and please be sure to check out my new website Crystal Pistol Beauty ..

Take care all.....


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