Thursday, May 9, 2013

April Starlooks StarBox....

I just got my box today and already I am in LOOOOOVVE!!! with all of the products .

This is the one sub that I feel I really get my money's worth for what I get inside..
Starlooks every month for the low price of 15$ plus 7$ shipping for us Canadians :( get FULL SIZED ITEMS!!! YES I SAID FULL SIZE!! and they send you a FREE box during your Birthday month...

This month was a more neutral month for Starlooks and they sent out products that will help highlight your natural beauty...

               Damn every month I go crazy waiting for my box full of amazing goodies! hehehe

Look how awesome this box looks just jam packed full of makeup......

Lash Boost Mascara Base 15$
This item goes hand in hand with the Mascara we got last month in our boxes..check it out here Lengthening Mascara

This lash Base is one of the best primers I have used on my lashes ...I love how just like the mascara has little fibers in it to make your lashes look thicker and longer..
I also really love the sleek design on the tube ..

Mineralized Loose Powder in Translucent Nude 19$
I  am so very happy to have gotten this product because I am in need of a new setting powder . I have been wearing this product today and I am really loving the silky feeling of this powder.

Tendergloss in African Sunset 11$

I am really enjoying this Lipstick/gloss thingy ...I love how it gives off just the right amount of color and leave my lips very moisturized ..

(swatches of both the Powder and the Tendergloss)

Starbox Exclusive!!!! Mint Lip Balm 5$
Just like last month they included a little extra for us!! This is the mint Lip Balm that goes on after your Vanilla Lip scrub that we got last month. 
Let me say I go through Lip Balms so very fast and it's mainly because I forget to take them out of my pockets when washing my clothes and they melt out :(
I tried this product first today when I got my box and I love the minty smell/taste..

Well there ya go This is Starlooks April box.... If you too are thinking about subscribing to this wonderful service you can click here Sign up for Starbox here.....  If you are from anywhere other then The United States you will need to contact them to set up your service . and don't forget to tell them that I sent you over (Jolene Crowley) and your Birthday so they can send you your FREE Box....



  1. That mascara base looks cool, the packaging is neat!

  2. Hey jasmine! I am so in love with this mascara base . It's truly awesome and does what it's supposed to do, I also found its a good eyebrow base too.

  3. The mascara base is AWESOME!~ Debating whether to subscribe to this box, ahhh!~

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    1. I personally think this subscription is well worth the cost. Every month they never disappoint !