Friday, May 31, 2013


so for the past month subscribers have been wonder what is going on with GlossyBox . They hadn't taken out any payments or taken the Glossy Dots we had redeemed for a free box. I emailed a number of times and got the response that it was a billing error and that they were working hard on trying to get it fixed and that the boxes would be sent out late and prolly not until June. well it's now May 31st and we got some very interesting news from Lisa Kisber the spokesperson from Glossy saying that

please note that Glossybox Canada has been taken over by Glossybox USA - please direct your questions to them.

so I decided to contact GlossyBox USA Via Facebook and got some conflicting responses saying they are not taking over any part of GlossyBox Canada.

I then called the toll free number from GlossyBox USA and was told this " GlossyBox Canada is no longer in operation they are 100% closed down and all peopled owed money will be issued a refund soon"

so there you go GlossyBox is no more ..........I was a Glossy Ambassador since the beginning of the program and I am not out of more then 3 months worth of dot's plus any dot's I had earned since January ..The last time they updated the Ambassadors. I feel as if Glossy International should be picking up the tab for anyone who is left with dots as people in a sense earned and paid for these one way or another.


***UPDATE*** at least they were nice enough to disable the feature to sign up for a subscription , and apparently GlossyBox USA has bought up all of GlossyBox Canada's product stock..

I think people would be okay with the fact that they had to shut down, but it's the dishonesty and the not keeping their subscribers in the loop and saying it was a billy error when it really wasn't People were already very sensitive when it happened about two/three months ago with Canadian Beauty sub GLYMM . Glymm kept reassuring people that everything was going to be okay and that the services was happening when it really wasn't . and It wasn't until someone went to the glymm offices to see a worker packing up people knew. Glossy why would you do this to your loyal subscribers and fans we have stuck with you through some of your worst times and to what be treated like nothing... I really hope that Glossy USA or the CEO will offer some sort of compensation to the Canadian Glossy members who are out the hundreds/Thousands of points we had earned for referring people to your company.

***UPDATE***GlossyBox Canada has now Finally sent out emails to the subscribers to inform them that they are no longer a company...

A Glossy Goodbye

Dear customers and friends,

we apologize sincerely for the recent lack of communication and are very sorry that we were unable to respond with an announcement sooner.

We want to thank you for being a member of the GLOSSYBOX community. We are so happy that you have chosen to discover beauty with us, as we have immensely enjoyed introducing our favorite products to you. However, sometimes good things must come to an end. Due to various reasons, we regret to inform you that all services for GLOSSYBOX Canada will be suspended from May onwards.

Please find pertinent information about your GLOSSYBOX account below:

- We will not be shipping a May Box. Those who have been charged for the order will be reimbursed.
- We are in the process of reimbursing members with fixed-term subscriptions (for example, if you signed up for a 6-month subscription in March) on a pro-rated basis.

Thank you for your support throughout the past year and beyond. We hope you enjoyed your journey with us. We wish you joy and all the best in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns about your GLOSSYBOX account, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service desk at

Best wishes,

The GLOSSYBOX Canada Team


  1. I plan on posting emails i have had with my contact Patrick at glossy Canada in regards to the billing issue BS, the pm message from Glossy USA saying they have nothing to do with us. I am so sorry for those of you who i referred to join up during the year I was an ambassador ..

  2. I'm not waiting on a refund. I already contacted my credit card company about a charge back.

    1. good and I am sure you will get it.. It sucks that it came to this I really liked glossy and it really seemed as if they were getting better and now this.

  3. I really and truly do hope they come back with an offer of some sort for those of us out thousands of points... I feel i earned those boxes and truly it feels just like a money loss!


    1. I agree, Ashley. I had accumulated thousands of GlossyDots and was planning on using them for something special. I hope that the company at least honors the GlossyDots and gives us something for all of the money and time spent.

    2. I too am out of thousands of dots I sincerely hope they do something to accommodate us . Because if they don't that would look really bad for GlossyBox as a whole not just Canada.

  4. Ashley , I hope so too... we all worked so very hard at what we had accomplished with GlossyBox.. I think they owe it to us to at least honor our dots in some form.. I don't care if it's a big box with some goodies but they need to do it some how to make things right.