Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gel Nails Tutorial

So its been almost a year of doing my own Gel Nail Polish and I love the results. I love the fact that your art lasts longer then a day , you don't need to wait for the polish to dry because you cure it under a light... and it makes your nails nice and hard and shiny !!!

So with this still being a new trend at home I have decided to do a step by step Tutorial to help newbies out!
There are quite a few companies that offer the "at Home kits" I personally like them They are affordable and include all or most of the items you will need to learn. If you feel down the line you really enjoy doing your own nails then you can always upgrade to a more pro system or brands..

Before you start make sure you have the following items
-Cuticle stick(orange stick)
-99% alcohol ( used to clean your nail)
- lint free cotton pads
-a fine grit Nail File ( used to scuff up your nail to make the product adhere properly)
-your PH Bond(used as a bonding agent)
-Gel Foundation
-Cuticle Oil
-Gel colour of your choice
- a Gel Top Coat.
-and finally a LED or UV light ( without this you cannot cure the layers)

Step 1.

Push back cuticles and shape the nail the way you want it .Then Lightly scuff up your nail bed . Then start cleaning your nails on whatever side you wish to start with the alcohol and the cotton pad making sure there is no residue/shine left on the nail.(this is a very important step)

Step 2.
After you have cleaned the nail start applying the PH Bond and allow to dry ..
      ( I know my Nails are so gross )

Step 3. 
Start applying the Foundation Gel ..Try to apply very thin layers onto the nail that way you don't end up with really thick and weird looking nails.Make sure you cap the ends of your nails with the gel too...( if you are like me and have shortish nails it's hard to cap the end and not get the gel all over your fingers !!!
That's okay just dip a cotton swab into some acetone and clean up the messed up area.

Step 4.
Once you are finished applying the foundation coat it's now time for you to put your nails under the LED Light  DUN DUN DUN !!!!! Now if this is your first time ever using an LED light you may notice some heat/burning ... This is normal so sometimes what I like to do is apply a little sunscreen before and I find it helps with that weird sensation.Now back to the light you should only need to use the LED for 30 seconds or 3 minutes using a UV Light for each coat.


Step 5.

Now it's time to apply your first coat of the Gel Colour you picked out .. I picked out Rendezvous By Gelish. So again apply your colour the exact same way as you did for the Foundation but you can add a bit more and to remember to cap the free end and then back into the light for another 30 seconds per a coat.


Step 6.

After you have applied as many coats as you have to get the desired look you will need to apply the Gel Top Coat. This product helps give the shiny look and with out this top coat your gel polish will not last long at all.
So again like you did your other coats apply your top coat as thinly as possible and to clean up any mistakes.Then back into the Light to finish this baby off....

Step 7.

once you are done curing the top coat soak a cotton pad with the 99% alcohol and rub into the tacky nail to remove the tackiness and then finish it all off with some cuticle oil to nourish the nail.

This should be the finished look.!!

Now you do not have to just settle with just gel colour's you can also use this method.

Step 1.
clean the nail and apply Gel foundation and cure.

Step 2.
Wipe the gel foundation with 99% alcohol and remove the tackiness .

Step 3.
Apply whatever regular Nail Polish on top of Gel foundation and let dry.

Step 4.
Once the regular nail polish is FULLY DRY apply Gel Clear Top Coat and cure and remove the tackiness with the alcohol and enjoy a chip free mani for at least a week.

You can also apply glitter top coats and loose glitter into your gel Mani's there are so many endless possibility's.


Step 1.
Scuff up the shine on the polish with a nail file

Step 2.
Soak a Cotton swab in pure Acetone and wrap it around the nail and put foil on top for about 15-20 minutes. Or You can soak your nails in a bowl full of acetone .....and scrape off with an orange stick.

Step 3.

Brands that offer at home Kits

Red Carper Manicure
Sally Hansen
QUO by Orly
Sephora OPI
CND Shellac

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