Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Starlooks box 2013

Today I got the wonderful surprise of getting my Starlooks March box in the mail today!
I am so beyond impressed with all of the products inside again it's high quality pro Makeup .....

Each month Starlooks puts out a look book to give you a bit of a hint at what may be in store for your box that month. i knew right away it was going to be bold eye's with a coral lip and I really loved the look.
Also last week Marci kind of gave a hint that we were going to be getting the brand new Mascara that they were going to start selling .


Look at how nicely this box is presented to us!

First in the box is the Moisture Rich Lipstick in Flutter
This is listed as this month's "Bold Item"
This Gorgeous ,full coverage ,frost lipstick the emanates a hue of orange at first glance,But on the lips it translates to a rusty ,golden ,bronze-red.

I have been wearing this lipstick for over an hour now and I must say my lips feel very moisturized and the colour holds up very nicely.
Retails for 11$

Next is the Eye Shadow in Disarray
This is listed as this months "Neutral Item"
Although this is a dark color for an eye shadow ,Navy is a classic color for spring.
This eye shadow reminds me of  Contrast from Mac . Its almost a total dupe but Contrast is a bit darker.
I really love the color payoff it gives I really love Navy's because I personally find they help make my Brown eyes POP!

Retails for 12$

Next is the Lengthening Mascara in Black
This item is another (neutral item this month)
I was so very happy when I saw that this item was included in this months Starbox .
Last week when Marci did her youtube video she showed us this product and how well it works.
This item was the first thing in the box I tried out as I was so very excited !! I threw on this Mascara without having any eye shadow or other makeup on and I loved how it made my lashes looks so very long and thick without clumping or spidering .My current Favorite Madcara's are the Benefit BadGal Lash and the Buxom Lash Mascara in black . I have to say this one may be my new forever Mascara . 

retails for 15$

we also got a sample of The Starlooks All Natural "Vanilla" Lip Scrub.
This item was a pure Bonus Item it's a small sample of their new Starbox Exclusive (for now) Lip scrub . I am so happy that they included this product because as of lately my lips have been super dry so I could use a pick me up.This item is supposed to remove dry,dead skin cells so it will make your lips look and feel nicer . (this is awesome since they included a lipstick we may need this)

so far it's a Starbox exclusive but it says Retails for 2.00$

and as always they included their crystal in the box!

This subscription service is by far the best one I am subbed to right now . I am in love with every product I have gotten so far .

My product Swatches for Both Disarray and Flutter 


  1. Can't wait for mine to get here!

    New follower!

  2. Hey Gen ! Thank you for following! Let me know what you think when you get it.

    1. Overall I loved it!

  3. It sure does ! I wore it to work today and I'm really loving the color payoff and how well it goes with my skin tone!