Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Glossy Box February 2013

Happy Birthday GlossyBox Canada ....You have officially made it through your first year in Canada ...*blows Party favors*

I really enjoyed this box and was very happy to finally see that they had stepped it up and included items I will use and enjoy. 

At the beginning of January they informed us all that we would be holding a contest that the Glossy's with the most Glossy Dot's will be able to win a sample size of the Givenchy Lip Gloss in our February Box. At first everyone was very upset with this because it looked as if only Bloggers and Vloggers who are Glossy Ambassadors would be getting the perk but that ended up not being the case ....Thankfully...

I was really surprised to see when I got my Box I happened to be one of the lucky winners of The Gloss!!!!!!!! I was also very happy to see that this months box was a vibrant bright pink with a big pink bow on the front and the rest of the box was black.

                                            Look How pretty the box is this month!!!!!!!!

  Givenchy Lip gloss in Coral Frenzy sample size 3.5ml Full Size retails for 30.00 for 6ml
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Gloss!!!!! I am so happy with this product in how it looks feels, and smells....I will 100% be purchasing this when it runs out!!!!!! Thank You Glossy Box.

    Essence Quattro Eyeshadow Quad Full Sized Item  it retails for 3.99 for 5g
I was really surprised with this Item when i got it ...I find the colours are highly pigmented and
Very pretty..I have seen amazing reviews for Essence products and I hope to try out some more of their line soon!!!

                        Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Treatment Oil 30ml retails for 13.50  
I was super excited when I saw the sneak peak video back in January when Lisa K told us that we would be getting this in our February Glossy Box ...I have never tried this until now and I have to say I really liked the results it gave me . I think when I run out of this and my Moroccan Oil I will be purchasing this !!! 

Anatomicals You Need A Blooming Shower Body Cleanser in Rose and Jasmine 150ml retails for 3.00. This item was Full Sized and smells just lovely ...i haven't tried this product yet so I cannot say how it is in the shower but it does smell amazing ....I love the little bit on the back of it 

"look at that ,The blooming man in your life has left the toilet seat up again .and he's blooming well dropped the dirty towels on the floor.he's also squeezed the toothpaste from the top.oh,and aren't those blooming underpants behind the door? never mind , at least you can enjoy a reviving shower with this floral cleanser. Heavens,he's only gone and blooming used it all to wash himself."

soooo cute!!!

                 Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips Full Sized Retails for 9.99 for 6 strips 
This is the only thing I will end up not using and giving away to someone else  because these make me bruise around my noise and eye area. 

Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange sample (Foil) and Eucerin Hyal-Urea Anti-Wrinkle day and night sample (foil) . We were informed that we will be getting a Full Size of the Tarocco product in an upcoming Glossy Box . I haven't tried either of these yet as I have products I need to use up first.

                     GlossyBox Cupcake Kit .....Liners and little logo stick thingys.
I have to say I thought this was super cute to include with the one year Birthday box ....
It allows all Glossy subscribers to join in on the party and a good excuse to bake some cupcake's!!
I will be making some tomorrow and I will post some photos when I am done.

I really do think that Glossy really did a fantastic job this month with this box . I have also seen that most of the subscribers got the gloss even with low points so that too makes me very happy.I think if Glossy can keep up the good work their fans will come back and they will grow even stronger.

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  1. I definitely think this box is a step in the right direction! I was pretty much happy with everything, although not much of a fan of the bodywash. I don't really like rose scented stuff (or lavender for that matter) but we'll see how it goes in the shower. I'm glad you didn't toss your cupcake liners (or as my son used to say...cumcakes haha). As for globlove...you know where I stand on that now. GRRR

  2. I agree this bx was top notch and I am excited to see if they will continue the great work ...Only time will tell I guess. I am not one of those people who just tosses stuff just because they do not like them and I think the idea was cute! As for Globlove I am not impressed that they would endorse smoking and make it seem glamerous . Buit the thing that really gets me is the fact that they removed comments that were adressing the issue of smoking and banned the people and the comments weren't rude or bitchy just asking why...??

    BTW your son calling the cupcakes CUMCAKES is so cute!!!

    1. Well...this is all too bad with GB...because I would have stayed subbed with them, if they hadn't treated me like I did something wrong when all I wanted was answers! I wasn't even rude. And yeh..cumcakes hahah...I miss those days where he'd say funny words! He stills hangaber (hamburger) and pasgetthi lol