Tuesday, March 5, 2013

GlossyBox January 2013

This is the contents of the January 2013 Box ....wow ....I have to say this box was lacking very much in any luster it was boring to look at plus I found most of the goods I won't end up using.

                                                 Wella Professional Brilliance Mousse
                                              This Item is a Full Size and Retails for 17.99
 I did enjoy using this product I found it gave my hair the volume I am lacking but all in all it was nothing all that special.

                                              Burt's Bees Naturally nourishing body lotion
                                                  This bottle was a deluxe sample size at 1oz
 In the last few months I have gotten so many "Free" Samples from Burt's Bees so I am getting a bit bore with this product. I find it's an okay Body Lotion but I find the smell to be very off and weird. I do know I will not be repurchasing this when it runs out.

                                                              Nivea Lip Essential 
                                                  This was a Full Sized Item and retails for 6.25

I was fairly excited for this Product because I had just run out of my regular stuff and needed it badly. I found this item to be amazing for my lips ,It moisturized my lips but without feeling oily or waxy . I also loved that it had a bit of a smell but nothing too over the top. All in all I will repurchase this item when it runs out.

                                                   Elizabeth Grant Moisturizing stick
                                                 Full Sized at 3.5g retail value ???
I honestly do not know how I really feel about this "moisturizing stick" It's got a melon sent to it but I find it leaves my lips feeling oily and weird . I am also not too sure where to repurchase this stick from even if I wanted to buy it.

                                                  Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme 
  Sample size :very very small no grams listed.Full Size Retails for 39.00 at Sephora.com for 0.2oz
This sample was so very small it was almost not seen in the box when I opened it up. I did not like this product I found it burnt my lips so bad it chapped them....I highly doubt I will be re-purchasing this when it runs out or if I even use it again.

                                                  Beauty So Clean Cosmetic wipes
                      12 samples of this product Full Size retails for 20.00 for 2 packs of 48
I think a lot of my friends on the Face Book groups know my feelings towards this product. I find these to be very wasteful and expensive to use . I use 99% and 70% alcohol to sanitize my Makeup and my tools so there is no need for these for me. I am sure for maybe the average person they may be great but I personally do not like them.

So this was my January GlossyBox review I really do feel that GlossyBox could have made a better effort with this box because it really does just seem like they were stressed for time and low on good products and just threw together whatever they had laying around . Oh well ..............................


  1. I actually really like the EG stick! I almost bought them 4 for 25 on the EG site but the shipping WAY killed it. HRMPH! I hate the sanitizing wipes too...as useless as those lash cards. And totally the smell of the Burt's Bees was gross...I really hope it's not supposed to smell like wet dog!

  2. Now that i've started to use it a bit kore I am really liking it ..I find its a good base before putting on lipstick.

    those sanitizing wipes are just a huge waste of time and product.

    The burts bee's I am almost sure that it has gone bad it's so gross.

  3. That's what I do with my EG as well. Base for lipstick! :D