Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mariah Carey OPI Liquid sands review

Today I received my order from Nail Polish Canada . I ordered The Mariah Carey OPI Liquid Sands Mini collection. I was so very excited to get this set out and to play with it !!! I found the overall texture to be very neat and weird ...*if that makes any sense * but I love the overall look . I tried two colours today one "Get Your Number " Its kind of a darkish sky blue with lots and lots of glitter!!!! and the other one i tried was "The Impossible " it was a fushia with glitter chunks in it (my personal fav so far!!!) The other colours that were included were "Stay The Night " it's a very dark blackish plumb with purplish red glitters in it, It almost reminds of of how Lava when dried would look up close.
The Last is "Can't Let Go" It's a very nice purple with glitter all over it !!!!!

the quality I am concerned with as because you are not supposed to wear a top coat so I found that in only a few hours of applying it , It chipped and chipped bad :( . But I am optimistic with the fact it was also due to the fact I was making homemade Borscht for dinner.......mmmmmmmmm

Get your Number,Can't Let Go,The Impossible ,Stay The Night

This is a photo of The Impossible (sorry about the nail job )

This is Get Your Number ( it was a fast job and I am in between my gels at the moment)

I personally think these photos do not do this nail set any justice these colours up close are just amazing !!!


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  2. Looks great, will you be swatching the other colours?

  3. I will be I just put new polish on so expect a new update next week!

  4. ooooohhh ahhhhhh Love it! i love that purple! Sorry it chipped so fast! I hope it is because of your borscht making too. ;) Let us know how it goes!