Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ciaté Mini Mani Month Review

For Christmas I decided I wanted to buy myself something special for Me!! I decided on purchasing the Mini Mani Month set from Ciaté because it included so much for so little .this wonderful set includes 17!!!! Mini polishes from Ciaté and 4 mini caviar bottles and a funnel for only 64$ !! Holy crap that's a great deal since that's a whole lotta nail art ideas!!!

When i came to my decision to make the dive and buy the kit Sephora was so very sold out so I bought this set from The Shopping Channel ....Yeah yeah I know it's "The Shopping Channel" but ... They do from time to time sell awesome beauty products that are hard to find *hehehe*

The kit was held up until the New Year due to the Holidays but I am very Happy to now have my wonderful set.

I am so very Happy to say that I used this set for the very first time the other night and I must say Great job Ciaté !! Kudos to you for putting out an outstanding polish set .

With so many colour in this box it is sure to give any Nail Junkie their Nail Fix for the year!
this kit has colours:

Cupcake Queen - A stunning Fuchsia that his a shimmery glow to it.
Twilight - Its an amazing brown with gold flecks (totally makes you think Twilight)
Angel Wings - a pearly white sheen that makes you think of heaven .
Cutie Pie- is a very soft pink that would be great for that afternoon tea.
LadyLike Luxe - almost an antique Gold.
Big Yellow Taxi- This colour reminds me of the old school New York Taxi's .
Fade To Greige- is a purpleish Grey
Mistress-Now this is your Classic red lipstick in a Nail Polish I LOOOOOVE this colour such a classic.
Dangerous Affair- Is a very DEEP dark red ....It kind of makes you feel as if you are being naughty..
Cabaret-This kind of makes me think of Burlesque it's a very deep rich purple.
Cookies and Cream-A very muted pinkish grey I think this would be very work friendly.
Power Dressing-Almost a royal Blue ...
Halo-This is one of my favorites It's a white sheen with Purple,Blue , And Green reflects .
Headliner-A Turquoise that looks like it would be great for a day at the beach!.
Speed Dial - A coraly Orange for some reason this colour reminds me of the 90's.
Mojito-Now I am in love with this colour !! I feel as if I have little Mojito's on my fingers and makes me crave this yummy drink!
Vintage-Is almost a Blueish Grey, It kind of makes me sad.

Now this kit also included Three  New Polishes that were only in this set!!!!!!

Magic Carpet-Purple Berry Glitter Reflects !!!
Glass Slipper-Blue Glitter Reflects.
Enchanted Rose-Red Glitter Reflects.

The Kit also included Four Caviar Pearls and a mini Funnel:
Candy Shop-I don't know why but these beads remind me of those cheap 5 cent candies (Pink,Blue,Orange,Yellow)
Bumble Bee- I'm sure you can guess why it's called Bumble Bee.....(Black and Yellow)
Sundance -It's got Blue and Yellow with medium sized glitter
Prom Queen- This is the best one its got amazing prom like colours (Pink,Purple,Silver with silver glitter flecks)


  1. aghhhhh this was on my Christmas wishlist!! guess ill just have to live through you! theyre all so pretty... please post pictures!! haha

  2. Hi Helen thanks for stopping by!! I did post a collage of photos in the posting.....and they still have this for sale at the shopping channel and you can do multiple payments if the price upfront is a bit too much.

  3. Sosososososo cute!! :) I totally want this..but I'm kind of obsessed with getting the big bottles. I really love Ciate. They have some really cool colours. I think you got a great deal!

  4. I too thought that they would be very small but when i got them i was shocked to see that they are not as small as I thought .

  5. sooo many colours. How's the formula and brush?? fun size beauty

  6. The colours are just amazing!!! I find it so very overwhelming when it comes to this set because there are so many to choose from . The brushes aren't too bad ...I know some people have had bad luck with this set and some of the brushes being bunk but I only had one brush messed up and it's a colour I prolly won't use very often. and in all reality I could contact the company and prolly get them to send a replacement brush but I wont bother.