Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Glossy Box December 2012 Review

This months box I have to say I am very disappointed for a number of reasons. I was very upset with the fact I didn't get my box until well into the new year... my box was lost at one point or just wasn't scanned by Canada Post.Either way I was not happy with the customer service I got from Glossy when I address the fact that my box was "Lost". The second reason why I am very disappointed with this box is because They sent us Avon and Revlon products ....Neither of these items are new and exciting if anything are are dull and boring not to mention they are very old products. Some people got Avon lip glosses and liquid eye shadows that are long expired and discontinued from back in 2005 . The Revlon nail polishes are very old stock some expired and some seem used with Rite Aid clearance stickers on them.. I have to say that this is rather concerning that we are being sent OLD expired products as this could cause some very serious health concerns.

anyways here is my review of the December box.........

This month this box was partnered up with LOULOU Magazine ..So this month's box is silver and sleek.

It again came with the new Glossy Mag and this month in this Magazine was a pleasant surprise ...I was Featured as the Blogger of the Month !!!

I have to say it was really awesome to see my blog in this month's Glossy Mag!!!!!!

This month it seemed most of the Beauty box subs were sending out false eyelashes.

These ones kinda remind me of Snookie from Jersey shore .....

These Glossy lashes are valued at approx 12.50$

I personally won't wear these as they are a bit much but I will add to my growing  collection.

                                                Avon Glazewear Intense in sundance
                                $$$????? no price listed I am also not able to say if this product is  expired or not due to the numbers being rubbed off .None the less I will NOT be using this or passing it onto anyone into the trash it will go.

                                            Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer
                                            Full Size retails for 22.99 for 75ml
                                            I really like this product I found it didn't leave my skin oily .

                                           Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer
                                           Full Size Retails for 22.99 for 75ml
                                          mine was in fair to light . I was very happy with this product I
                                          Found that it gave a nice sheen for when I didn't feel like going all
                                          out on the makeup. I was also using this product as a primer under my    
                                           regular foundation.


                                                        Revlon Nail Polish Full Sized
                                                       full size retails for 5.99 for 15ml
                                                       I am really skeptical that this product is worth the
                                                       5.99$ price tag due to it being old and discontinued .
                                                        I value this bottle at maybe 99 cents.

           This month every Glossy Subscriber got a set of Nobia Earrings ...They are Valued at about 15$
            from what I can guess . I personally will never wear these as they are cheap metal and plastic and I              
            am VERY allergic to cheap costume jewelry .
I think GlossyBox should take a step back from sending jewelry in these boxes as it is a beauty box. Also
I personally think jewelry is kind of a personal choice .I personally only wear the real deal because it's just my choice.

                                   TRESemme FreshStart dry shampoo Travel size.
                                   Full size retails for 5.99$ for 161g
                                   I personally do not mind this dry shampoo . I have some in my hair stock at the  moment. I bought this a few months back when I have a lot of excess oil in my hair
                                   due to a adhesive issue when I had my hair extensions in. I found it did a great job of removing excess oil.

                                          TRESemme Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner foil pack
                                           Full size retails for 5.99 for 700ml
                                          I honestly do not use drugstore brand shampoo's and conditioners .
                                          Call me a snob but I prefer to spend a bit more on my hair product due to
                                          salon brands being more tailored to my hair issues. So I will be donating these to  
                                          my work to one of my clients as they can always use shampoo products.

This months box in terms of Value was great it was well worth the cost of the box.But It really disturbs me how Glossy is okay with sending us possibly used and expired products to paying subscribers.I really do hope they remedy the issue and offer us something in exchange as well as an apology for this error.

I will be sticking around for a few more months to see if things change if not then I will be forced to cancel and more onto a new sub.

I'm sure some people are satisfied with their boxes and will stay and I really do hope Glossy has learned from this big mistake.

anyways Happy New year and if you are new and looking to sign up with Glossy Box use promo code GLOSSY5 to save 10% off of your first box,gift box etc........


  1. So sorry that you were so disappointed this month. On the plus side, it's really nice to see your smiling face in the magazine! :D I think the colour of your polish is the same as mine... I'm wondering what did the top of your bottle say the colour was? Mine was totally mislabeled!

  2. It didn't say It was missing the label ... :(.... And Thank you sweetie I honestly think i got chosen because you keep me motivated to update !!! I really hope Glossy will redeem themselves and at least admit they messed up. I really hope the January Box is a step up too....I think everyone was really shocked with this month because the November box was amazing and filled with awesome products that we all know we will use on a daily basis. I know I have ......I think i'm going to sub to Starlooks I really like the look of their products.

    1. aww so sweet of you to say!! *hugs* I know that I haven't been commenting on blogs as much as I would like lately...that's why I often go in spurts and read several posts on a blog and go back to comments...I'm just too in depth for my own good. :D Keep up the posts, can't wait to see your review on Starlooks when it FINALLY comes in!! WAHHH I want mine too!

  3. Congrats on being featured in the glossy mag! I also have a metal allergy but tried out the earrings and don't seem to react to them. I have had them on for a day already and no itching or redness, they feel like plastic so maybe they have no nickel in them.

  4. Thank You!! I did end up trying the Earrings and within an hour my ears got so very red and pussy from them I had to take them out. The backings are made of metal.

  5. whoohoooo for being featured in the magazine! that's awesome :)
    love the honesty of your review and i agree with a lot of it. i am not overly allergic to cheap earrings but one of my ears immediately started to itch when i tried to wear them today (just to see... ahaha). but that has faded and it's ok now..

  6. Thank you!! It really was a huge honor and I am truly great full for the fact that they choose my blog for the December issue. I like to feel that I am giving my Honest opinion on products i refer to my subscribers. I think when I write a review good or bad I put my reputation on the line.As for the earrings I think the overall gesture was there from Glossy but i personally think they should stick with Beauty products.

  7. I am very dissapointed with Glossybox's response to the old Avon items.
    They have not offered a solution and the email they sent me was the same they posted on Facebook- that it is too bad we do not like the makeup colors, items are from a third party and are recent stock.

    I canceled my Glossybox service, find it hard to trust them when they "gloss" over the issues and are not giving straight answers.

    I have enough samples too, am going to stick to Skincarerx, they do not have a box, but a great sale section and hundreds of travel size products you can buy!

  8. Thanks for the heads up about Skincarex I will be sure to check them out. I too agree that they are feeding us complete BS when it comes to the expired products. I say own up to it send some dots as a we are genuinely very sorry and move onto the next month.