Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beauty Box 5 January 2013

So this  month I received my first Beauty Box 5 Box in the mail !! This box cost 12$ monthly if you do month to month or if you Pre-Buy a full year you can get it for around 8$. I really liked this box for  many reasons....1. It fits right in my tiny apt size mail box so I don't have to deal with getting it either from my concierge or trek all of the way to Canada Post. 2. it's packed full of stuff that I will use personally and I don't think I will gift out to people. 3. I love the Tiffany Blue colour of the box!!!!!

so anyways back on track here ...this month they decided to bring back a surprise 2012 favorite so it was very mixed as to what that item was going to be...  I was very pleased that I got the Brush in my box!!!!

Model CO Lip Liner in Pomegranate Full Sized and Retails for $18.00 I really really liked this Lip Liner I found it went on so very smoothly and it looked very nice on my lips.

                           Pencil Me In Eye Accent Pencil Full Sized and Retails for $6.99
                                    Mine was in the Colour of Pink Lady Sparks...             
                                                 It's a very neutral Colour that
                                      Works really well as a eye brightener on the water line..

                                                Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush $$???
                                            This is the one thing I really was hoping for in this box!
                                      I am not sure of the cost but it does appear to be a Travel size but
                                       I think that is perfect since I am going to Hawaii next week!!
                                  The brush is a synthetic Brush but it feels so very nicely put together.
                                  it's also a very dense brush so you could use it for just about anything .


                              Perfumes Solid Perfume Sticks This is a Full Size That Retails for $7.00 
                              The one they sent me is called Star Dust.... It's hard to describe for the smell but
                              it kind of reminds of me of my childhood it smells very fruity and sweet.



                         Ferro Cosmetics Desert Rose Blush Sample Size Full Size Retails for $17.00
                        I feel very in different about this colour . I like it but I feel it will be best used as a  
                       Bronzer . I found the Colour to be very Coppery with a very mild pink added to it.

So this was my very first Beauty Box 5 Box ... I think I did really well ... If you are interested in signing up for Beauty Box 5 you can sign up here Beauty Box 5 Monthly Subscription Box.

Also if you are interested in  purchasing some of the Pencil Me In products I was given a promo code in the box too save Buy 2 , Get 1 free ...Buy 4,Get 2 free. Pencil Me In Cosmetics


  1. I'm so happy that you got the brush!!! That is a major score!!! I got something I've never seen in any of the boxes, so I don't know how it's a return... a curl serum? Holy heck..I don't have curly hair. :( What a bummer. This is probably the second box that I haven't really been happy with. But, it doesn't happen often and it's a good price.

  2. Yes I am so very Happy that I got the brush !!! that in its self i feel pays for the box and the rest are just extras!!! yeah I saw your post about the curl serum I find that odd that they would send that to you since you don't have curly hair. I think they do need to send things to people that are more suited for their skin types,hair types and likes in general . and next is my Starbox !!!! I cannot wait until next month when they send me my first!!

    1. EEEK, I am so excited for you to get your first Starbox. you will seriously looove it! I am totally blown away by this months!

    2. omg!!! me too i cannot wait for them to start shipping the boxes out.and my new addiction has started hehehehehe

  3. BB5 seems really well worth the price considering its contents!

    The feb topbox was amazing too :P check it out in my blog!

    Just started blogging (yes i'm a noob lol )

    1. I totally agree you can hardly get anything for 8$ these days let alone a bunch of neat beauty samples.

  4. I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award :)

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  6. Wow, this looks awesome! I've been looking at glossybox etc, but out of all of them this seems the best and most worth the money :) xx