Thursday, March 28, 2013

February Beauty Box 5

So this month I received my February Beauty Box 5 this is my 2nd month into my year long subscription service with them and I must say I am pretty impressed so far for what we get for the price. 
This company offers a few different price points you save the most by signing up for the prepaid year long sub dropping the price from 12$ a month to approx 8.33$.I personally think that for under 9$ a month you can't beat what they are sending you plus every month it comes in this wonderful little Tiffany Blue box (so cute)

this month BB5 was a bit delayed due to the fact they had over stuff our box and had exceeded the weight limit on their free shipping for us so they had to upgrade ( at no further cost to the customer) and it took a while longer. But even with the delays BB5 was honest and extended a lovely email to all of us that they were delayed due to us getting awesome boxes this month. So not only do you get wonderful products for under 9$ a month but you also get fantastic customer service .

well without any further delay ... Here is the Beauty Box 5 1 Year Birthday Box....

                                 Look at how packed this little box is !!!

First up is Brush Guard
These little things are used for Storage,Traveling and for cleaning your brushes.They say they will keep your brushes in shape .
I have been wanting to try this product for a while now . I think that this is a very simple but great idea!
in our box we got 1 extra small  1 small 1 medium 
The medium is big enough to fit my blush/powder brush perfectly 
a 4 pack retails for 5.50$

Next is the Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub
omg!!! This smells so good I could have eaten this ....(I didn't )
The Flavor ... I mean sent I got was Tropical Mango....mmmm drools a bit.
This sent brought me back to when I was in Maui back in February of this year.
it was so fresh and real smelling. 
I really thought the size they gave us was a generous size I have since used this scrub a few times and really do love the results it gives me.
the retail value is 7.49 for 18oz the size we got was 5.5oz

H20 Plus Bath Aquatics Shampoo
While I did enjoy the smell of this product I am very picky when it comes to what I use on my hair so I am not sure if I will ever really get around to using this product or not . I feel as if I cannot give a full review on this product due to my personal preference . But I may pass it onto someone who will enjoy this .

Retails for 14.00$ for 8.5 fl we received 1.25 fl

The CoolWay Boost cream
A few months back a friend on one of the beauty groups I am in mentioned how she was excited to buy the whole coolway system. I have since learned that this system is quite the routine and I am curious how this boost cream would work on those of us who do not have the system. I did try this once and didn't find it had any result on my hair at all .

Retails for 39.95$ for 8 oz (owch! very pricey) we received 1 oz 

Itrain 50$ Gift Card
Itrain is an online fitness training website to help you with workouts.You can basically go online and they offer a number of different kinds of fitness workouts for you.
I was very happy to get this as I am trying to get myself in better shape this year.

Last up is the Beauty Box 5 Brush/mirror compact

This was an added little extra to our box.

for anyone who is interested in signing up with Beauty Box 5 I will post my referral link at the bottom !!

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  1. i loved my bb5 too - the scrub was absolutely divine! i got coconut lime which didnt sound like it would smell great (im not a big fan of limes) but it is soooo yummy! i am sure yours is also really delicious!